Leadership SYSTEM

Entrepreneurial leaders exist to solve problems and drive humanity forward in some way. Behind every effective entrepreneur is a wise support network.

An entrepreneurial leader who can unite people together in purpose is unstoppable. Entrepreneurial leadership that fails to connect with its audience will inevitably perish. Therefore, businesses must remain as personal (and human) as the visionaries who pioneered them.

Entrepreneurial leadership cannot be learned via education. It is a vocation that visionaries commit to. To scale any venture, you must have something people want and deliver on your promises. Effective leadership is about serving all of those under your influence first.

Covid changed the world. All Kain’s LIVE events and programs are virtual, designed for high-performing influencers ready to level up.

Entrepreneurial Leadership eLearning System

The entrepreneurial leadership elearning system contains the essential soft skills leaders need to increase mental clarity, remain emotionally balanced, decisive & aligned with their values. This thought-provoking learning system will sharpen purpose-oriented leaders in their thinking & decision-making.

Social entrepreneurs bring innovative solutions into the world that change it for the better. Being a social entrepreneur means bucking the trend and necessitates a unique blend of idealism, perseverance, and tenacity.

All people should have the opportunity to reach their potential by pursuing careers that enable them to contribute positively to their families, their societies, and the world. Kain’s resources simplify psychology and present it in a way that can be easily passed on and shared.

Kain’s teachings do not contain solutions for every world problem, but they do contain principled life teachings that have equipped over 600K people to grow, mature, and take greater responsibility for facilitating positive change within their families, communities and organisations.

Today sees a worldwide leadership crisis, despite the $46BN spent annually on leadership development. Leading people involves bridging the gap between the people they work with and a larger, higher-level purpose.

Wise leadership is needed today more than ever, but the constant drive for increased performance makes this a tough proposition for many. A leader must be strong, responsible, decisive and sincere to win the hearts and minds of his followers – and consistently maintain their trust.

Leadership can emerge from any level of an organization, not just from those who hold titles or ranks. True leaders don’t wait until they have a position of authority to lead but accept every opportunity they have to lead or influence people. The hardest person you’ll ever get to lead is yourself.

Relationships are the network of life. Healthy communication is the glue that binds people together; poor communication is a key reason many relationships fall apart. Communication is critical in all aspects of life. 

Healthy communication unlocks and gives depth to your relationships. Communication is the vehicle through which people connect, learn to trust, convey ideas, and transform the world. Presenting yourself and sharing ideas are essential social skills that help you succeed in all areas of life.

Improving your people skills is central to your personal growth. Self-awareness, self-improvement, people skills and social awareness all walk hand-in-hand. Your ability to express yourself articulately will determine how effective you are at forging meaningful relationships that sustain.

Living a purpose-oriented life involves you deciding what you’re good at, what you can profit from, what you enjoy doing, and how to use this understanding to create a positive difference in the world in some way.

Having a sense of direction will give you perspective and a sense of purpose. Whether you want to further your career, earn more money, or accelerate your personal growth, planning your future career goals or ambitions will let you succeed with less reservation & unnecessary delay.

Setting goals is the strategic planning process that will allow you to quantify what you must accomplish in your key life areas, such as your career, relationships, finances, health, personal development and how you invest back into the world -thus, preparing you for optimal effectiveness.

“THERE’s little TO respect about leaders who put profits before people.”

Incompetent leadership has been responsible for the demise of civilisations throughout history. Corrupt politicians, inept teachers, greedy executives & religious groups who place profits above the wellness of people.

The world is in a leadership crisis. It is time for a new order of leadership to emerge who will lead by an example of integrity & wisdom. The opportunity is here, right now, to rise up & become the leader we need you to be.