Kain Ramsay

Kain began his working life in the British military as a Royal Engineer in 1996. After retiring from the military, Kain went into business development and marketing before focusing on modern applied psychology and social entrepreneurship.

He created two curriculums of personal development and modern applied psychology-based elearning courses in the 2010s after recognizing ‘online’ as a vehicle to deliver education. As conventional education collapsed during the Covid-19 pandemics, Kain founded his first $5M worldwide training company.

A teacher to 650K+ learners at the forefront of applied psychology, Kain is a lifelong student of history and human behaviour. His distinctive style of teaching resonates with students throughout the world, inspiring them to reach beyond what they believe possible.

A social entrepreneur and active thinker with many ideas to share, he lives in Scotland with his wife, Karen. Appreciating the quiet life, you’ll rarely find Kain entertaining crowds. He works outside the public eye on social projects that are important to him.

My Life Philosophy

It’s long been my belief that all people should have access to the wise principles they need to improve themselves. Personal responsibility allows people to live empowered lives. This is one of these principles.

It is better to live by principled reason than by emotional instinct. People who think sensibly become more strategic in their decision-making, self-disciplined, and consistent in their behaviours.

Discipline enables people to keep their minds under the control of reason. During my final years of life, I will do my best to educate people on the knowledge they need to live wise & principled lives.

Authority comes from experience over time. All people have an unbound ability to grow in maturity, responsibility, consistency, decisiveness and strength – regardless of circumstances. No human authority has the final answer on how to live a righteous life.

The quality of a person’s life will be determined by the quality of their relationships. It’s better to be socially motivated than self-orientated. Those who achieve the most fulfilment in life are those who actively seek out ways to help other people get ahead.

Strategic Mission & Personal Objectives

For years, I struggled to recognize the value of human psychology as a field due to its complex theoretical nature. Since 2012, my sole aim has been to deliver an uncomplicated and fully comprehensive psychology-based elearning system – that can be easily understood & applied.

The purpose of this elearning system is to create opportunities for people around the world to accelerate their personal growth, professional development and understanding of human psychology. The process of ‘simplifying the complicated’ has involved me dissecting centuries of complex psychological, sociological and philosophical theory into a simple narrative that just ‘makes sense’.

I co-founded the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology in 2017 to transform psychology as it was into something simpler, more engaging and enjoyable to learn. To date, this approach has attracted 650K+ new learners into the field.

Today’s education system remains rooted in an industrial paradigm that was first conceived in the 19th century, in the cultural context of the Enlightenment and industrial revolution. While this model has served many, it’s also created a pandemic of over-certified & under-skilled young people.

In this age of global economic crisis, many governments are bewildered as to how to improve education in order to stimulate both gross economic and positive cultural growth. Billions of dollars have been thrown into a broken system in view of fixing it. Since 2017, the academy of modern applied psychology has demonstrated how online community-based peer learning provides a long-term education solution for individuals who are driven by the desire to learn and achieve.

I act as an advisor to many independent training organisations and have also consulted with government-funded steering groups tasked with developing new national approaches to delivering sustainable educational reform. When the Scottish/UK government recognises the national need to update its existing education system, I will be more than ready to support it.

There are many organizations that provide leadership, personal development, business, and marketing training that promise to turn laypeople into leaders, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle gurus.

Over two billion people have their own digital media empire, fuelled by delivering upon an agenda and communicating a message. The digital era has evolved from a time when information was free-flowing to one in which there is too much noise. Yes, information has never before been so accessible, and neither has so much senseless information been so accessible either.

I anticipate the second era of enlightenment, as well as the dawn of a new age where sensitivity and knowledge are separated from informational and agenda-driven noise. Information is limitless, but the emerging generations are not taught how to separate important knowledge from the madness of crowds. For the remainder of my life, I will strive to deliver valuable knowledge that equips people to understand themselves better, make smarter choices and become self-sustaining.

My training materials are available via the achology network of websites, where they may be privately discussed with other growth-oriented individuals who wish to be self-sustaining and fruitful in their endeavours. I also post ideas via social media platforms, although this is done by automation, so I will not spend time responding to comments.

In many cultures, social institutions that should be community-oriented (such as family, politics, religion and education) have adopted an ‘economy first, community last’ capitalist attitude.

I consider this to be one of the most significant causes of moral and social decay in Western nations. Modern social structures (such as politics and religion) are increasingly driven by gaining administrative authority and financial growth rather than delivering an ideal of positive cultural improvement. It was only three decades ago that collective wisdom still lived at the heart of community!

I have committed over a decade to helping people do valuable work that matters. Before 2025, I look forward to Achology.com becoming an international mentoring initiative, where our most skilled achologists around the world can be found by those who will benefit from their assistance the most. I also look forward to my elearning systems being reinterpreted for young people.

Our legacy is who we share our knowledge with. Co-founding achology has given me many insights to share with those who are ready to step up and drive new socially-focussed innovations. These individuals I will select each year to join me in my group mentoring program. This is my opportunity to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social influencers.

Good leadership is in short supply. Some leaders lead to make a name for themselves, others prioritise financial return, and some aspire to make a positive difference in their environment.

Socially responsible leadership uses its influence and resources to create a positive and sustainable difference. Leaders and social entrepreneurs should never be distracted from pursuing financial goals or profitability -after all, no business can make a significant social impact if declared bankrupt.

Socially responsible leadership isn’t achieved in a vacuum; it’s influenced by elements of the environment in which leaders make their everyday decisions. This context will include their organisation’s missional objective, core values, organisational culture, legal structure, or any factor that might promote or restrict the socially responsible behaviour of a leader.

All socially responsible leaders understand the importance of peer support and objective accountability. I offer to mentor a hand-selected number of individuals each year who have already proven themselves to be both entrepreneurial and socially responsible. All people are capable of delivering socially responsible leadership.

“All of the things you do for yourself become irrelevant when you are dead and gone, but the things you do for others live on in your legacy. Legacy is about sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the next generation of people who will put it to best use. “

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