Something All Human Beings Must Understand

Because our minds are wired differently, we all experience reality in completely different ways. This means that, by nature, any one specific perspective will always be both limited and skewed.

This is something important that all human beings need to study and understand. If you want to know what’s really real, you must first commit to studying and comprehending your mind.

Our individual perspectives distort our view of reality and make it difficult to see things objectively. True objectivity requires stepping back from our own prejudices & biases.

This insight led me to study psychology, psychiatry, neurosciences, sociology, philosophy and even theology – to try and get a balanced understanding of what it means to be human.

I learned that we’re born with unique strengths and weaknesses in areas such as common sense, creativity, memory, communication, attention to detail, and so forth. These are the unquantifiable aspects of our humanness that most scientists find uncomfortable.

It’s significantly easier for a paid professional to diagnose a person with a mental health disorder than invest the time (that they rarely have) into understanding and encouraging an individual’s unique personality and character traits.

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