Key Principles & Signature Teachings

Clarity involves getting clear about what you see for the future and understanding where you are now in relation to the past. Here, Kain discusses how to adopt a missional outlook that can be applied to your business pursuits.

U.N. world leaders agreed in 2015 to a set of 17 global goals to build a better world. From these goals, you can establish a missional objective for how YOU might play a part in this. Kain explains these 17 global goals and what they mean.

Every business starts as an idea inside someone’s mind. All products and services have the same origin story. Kain discusses the 4 different categories of ideas that people can pursue as they endeavour to positively change the world.

Making a Sustainable Impact

Social entrepreneurs bring innovative solutions into the world that change it for the better. Being a social entrepreneur means bucking the trend and necessitates a unique blend of idealism, perseverance, and tenacity.

All people should have the opportunity to reach their potential by pursuing careers that enable them to contribute positively to their families, their societies, and the world. Kain’s resources simplify psychology and present it in a way that can be easily passed on and shared.

Ideas That Must be Shared

If you give a man a fish, he will eat for today. If you teach a man how to fish, he will be ready to eat for a lifetime. However, teaching a man to teach other people how to fish gives a sustainable plan for eradicating hunger.

Kain’s teachings do not contain solutions for every world problem, but they do contain principled life teachings that have equipped over 600K people to grow, mature, and take greater responsibility for facilitating positive change within their families, communities and organisations.

Most people want to make a difference in the world. But where do you start? In this video, Kain discusses the term “Ikigai”, a Japanese ideology that involves quantifying your inner potential and deciding upon a direction for your life.

Mindset refers to the set of beliefs that shape how you perceive the world and also yourself. Kain discusses three different mental attitudes you can adopt in life. He identifies the difference between contribution and consumerism.

Most people want ‘positive change’ to happen but don’t always set goals to enable this. Kain Ramsay discusses how you establish your own meaningful vision for creating your own expression of positive change in the world.

Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

It’s very rare for a social entrepreneur to be successful without first coming up with a strategy for making a difference in the world. The following elearning courses are intended to assist social entrepreneurs in their personal and professional endeavours by helping them develop greater clarity and focus.

A structured approach for setting purposeful goals and designing detailed action plans that will equip you to achieve them.

Everyone has to answer the question ‘What do I need to achieve?’ at some point in life, and this is when goal-setting usually becomes important. Setting goals is a strategic planning process that will allow you to quantify what you need to accomplish in your most important life areas, such as your career, relationships, finances, health, personal development and how you invest back into the world.

Without having clearly-defined goals or a sense of direction, some people go around in circles for years, making ill-considered decisions that cost them time, money, relationships, and fulfilment. Some people get stuck in this rut for decades, unsure of what their long-term priorities are. If any of this sounds familiar, the Goal Setting and Action Planning Masterclass offers you a practical solution.

During this course, you will learn a structured process for visualising and setting the right goals that are meaningful to you. You’ll also learn how to action plan so that you will remain disciplined and focused in your efforts. Goal setting is the process through which you will convert your ideal future into a practical reality and can be used to establish a meaningful direction for the rest of your life.

Individuals who set goals tend to also be those who define their lives as being purpose-driven and rewarding. Having a vision for what you want to achieve in the weeks, months, and years ahead will provide you with a sound basis for defining your priorities, setting appropriate boundaries with people and making wise decisions about how you utilise your time, energy and other resources.

You will learn the importance of making your goals vivid and real in your mind and only setting goals that you are passionate about pursuing. You’ll learn how to take responsibility for overcoming self-doubt, dealing with rejection, and interacting with the right people in a step-by-step manner – as the only person who can prevent you from achieving life, career, and relationship fulfilment is yourself.

/ “Very positive experience. This is an eye-opening course with a wealth of information to absorb and apply. He makes the key lessons simple to comprehend and implement. Very glad I made this investment.” – Maxine S. Randell.

This training course is part of a larger personal growth and development elearning system designed by Kain Ramsay Ltd and published on You can try this elearning course risk-free for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied with the eLearning experience, you can get a full refund – no questions asked.

A methodical process for defining your priorities, setting purpose-oriented goals, making wise decisions and optimising your life.

Contrary to popular opinion, a life purpose isn’t something innate that human beings are born with; it is something that all people must choose. Living a purpose-oriented life will involve you deciding upon what you are naturally good at doing, what you can profit from, what you are passionate about, and how you can use this understanding to generate a positive difference in the world in some way.

Most people will eventually ask the hard questions; ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is my purpose?’ ‘What activities will make my life make sense?’ Without having answers to these questions, it can be difficult for some people to make sense of their lives. The key components of living a purpose-oriented life are having clarity of what your priorities are and choosing an appropriate life path that aligns with them.

Many people roam through life without a clear sense of purpose. Counter-intuitively, the purpose of life is not ‘to be happy’, but rather, it is to become valuable to people, to become wise, responsible, decisive, consistent and compassionate with people’s imperfections. Your life will only start making sense as you decide upon the unique way in which you’re willing to change the world for the better.

This unparalleled learning journey will change the way you perceive and answer the ultimate question in life: What am I here for? You’ll discover how to streamline your existence, boost your motivation, and decide on a future direction that is right for you. One aim of this course is to put you in the mindset for progression and show you how to optimize your life so you can start achieving your full potential.

This masterclass will show you how to define a personal vision and also create an actionable plan to achieve your goals and objectives. You’ll learn to focus on your priorities, maintain discipline, make wise decisions, and stay motivated as you achieve your outcomes. Whether you’re considering a career shift or a complete life overhaul, this course will help you to gain the clarity you need to succeed.

/ “Thought-provoking, entertaining, challenging, and potentially life-changing. The ideas in this course should be taught in the schools. Essential wisdom for life!” – SOFIA O’HANLON.

This training course is part of a larger personal growth and development elearning system designed by Kain Ramsay Ltd and published on You can try this elearning course risk-free for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied with the eLearning experience, you can get a full refund – no questions asked.

An essential guide to cultivating influential people skills, communication skills and street-smart social intelligence.

Healthy communication is the key that unlocks and gives depth to our human relationships. Communication is the vehicle through which people will connect, learn to trust, convey ideas, and even transform the world. Relationships are the network of all human life, and while healthy communication is the glue that holds relationships together, poor communication is often the primary reason why many relationships fall apart.

Getting communication right will lead to healthier relationships within an organisation, family or community as closer cohesion between people is forged. But healthy communication doesn’t just involve speaking. Healthy communicators understand different communication styles, how to listen, how to read body language, tone, and adapt a message to be best received by multiple people groups or in different contexts.

Communication is vital in all aspects of life. The ability to communicate empathically and concisely will impact your professional success, the stability of your family and the emotional fulfilment you receive when connecting with people. In its simplest form, communication is the act of transferring ideas between people successfully, and doing this requires an understanding of communication styles and behavioural flexibility.

In this training course, you will learn how all communication is governed by principles that must be understood prior to developing your speaking, listening, and social skills. These principles will serve as a solid foundation upon which you can build all of your future relationships. This course certainly isn’t perfect, but it does offer a framework for you to become the kind of person that others will want to spend time with.

In this course, you will learn how to communicate with other people powerfully and sincerely, ask thoughtful questions and engage in the process of actively listening to people. You’ll become able to understand what other people want, respond appropriately to their needs, deliver honest responses and communicate in an authentic way that will allow you to positively influence people and develop deeper connections with people.

“Astounding ideas, massively engaging teaching, a very knowledgable teacher, provocatively stimulating, and comes very highly recommended!” ROBIN T. CARTWRIGHT.

This training course is part of a larger personal growth and development elearning system designed by Kain Ramsay Ltd and published on You can try this elearning course risk-free for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied with the eLearning experience, you can get a full refund – no questions asked.

Improve your personal productivity and effectiveness by learning time-proven techniques for sharpening your focus and self-discipline.

The ability to maintain self-discipline and stay focused will help you to remain dedicated when pursuing your important goals or objectives. Self-discipline often presents itself as a short-term sacrifice, which is what leads high-achievers to achieve their long-term gains. Too many people make the mistake of focusing on short-term benefits (instant gratification), which leads to poor life progress and long-term unfulfillment.

In this Hyper-Focus, Self-Control and Productivity Masterclass, you’ll learn an actionable process for clarifying what your priorities are, developing razor-sharp hyper-focus and increasing your productivity without having to work harder or longer hours. Combining cutting-edge modern applied psychology with practical life experience, this thought-provoking training reveals what separates disciplined high-performers from unexceptional low-achievers.

Some people spend years working tirelessly, pursuing empty goals – only to realise they’ve wasted years striving for outcomes they never needed. In this course, you will learn that those who prioritise self-knowledge over instant gratification become wise; those who pursue self-improvement instead of self-fulfilment maintain focus, and those who build disciplined lives enjoy the productivity and outputs which stem from exceptional personal standards.

All people are capable of achieving anything that they devote themselves to. and the common obstacles that prevent many from achieving great things in life are small-mindedness, laziness, fear and indecision. Discipline is similar to all life skills in the way that it requires practice and will shape the quality of your future. Your aptitude towards personal growth, failure or success will be determined by your readiness to set discipline as master over your life ambitions.

You will learn cutting-edge principles for optimising your performance in business, relationships and life in general. As you grow in self-discipline, you will simultaneously increase your self-efficiency – which allows you to enjoy spending the best hours of each day in flow. This training is designed to positively transform your thinking so that when you are ready to take decisive action towards your goals, you will be equipped for maximum efficiency.

/ “Profound and provocative! I’ve taken dozens of ‘productivity’ training courses over the years, but this gets to the ‘heart’ of the matter. I’m not easily impressed with self-help tools, but this course has taught an ‘old dog’ some very new tricks!” – LOUISE S. FARRANGER.

This training course is part of a larger personal growth and development elearning system designed by Kain Ramsay Ltd and published on You can try this elearning course risk-free for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied with the eLearning experience, you can get a full refund – no questions asked.

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