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Recognize Your Potential

Influencers are refined by their experience. Facilitating innovation and inspiring social evolution begins with your own personal growth and professional development.


The world needs people who possess the vision and drive to lead social betterment and make a difference; it’s your individual growth that will inspire the growth of others. Get ready to grow…


Build a Rewarding Career in Modern Applied Psychology

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Choose your program of study from among the world’s most popular online training courses for modern applied psychology.

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Gain invaluable experience by participating in peer-to-peer discussions for study, practical application, and personal and professional growth.

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Acquire the vital skills and competencies that will allow you to become an expert specialist in your modern applied psychology field of study.

About Kain

Based in Fife, Scotland, Kain Ramsay is a passionate social entrepreneur, coach, mentor and teacher. Kain is appreciated amidst the world’s top thinkers in the fields of community development and applied psychology.


Kain partners with today’s leading social innovators, motivated entrepreneurs, educational pioneers, mentors and global influencers as they develop themselves, obey their potential and reshape the world one person at a time.

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Create a Connection

The power of human connection is to help people thrive—together. Strong relationships are the web of life that enable us to improve ourselves and fulfil our potential.


Come connect with influencers just like you. There’s a place for everyone in the Kain Ramsay community. 

Join the Network

A worldview is formed via influence and association. We need a variety of input and perspectives to live life in a balanced way, and cannot get all the answers to life and business from just one person or source.


Healthy human relationships have the power to transform the world. Connect with Kain’s International network of ambitious individuals who are also in the process of leaving their unique mark on the world.

I whole-heartedly recommend Kain...He is someone that will definitely empower you to get to where you want to go.


The fact that I could learn how to create an image of myself where I believed really that I'm a beautiful and accomplished woman in whatever I do, that was the biggest thing.


Upgrade Your Thinking

If you want access to stimulating content that will shift your perspective, challenge your thinking, and expand your capacity to influence other people, access Kain’s most current blogs, articles, downloadable resources and updates, all in one place.