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Profound personal growth and improvement result when people risk their comfort zones and start experimenting with their lives.

For sustainable personal growth and progress to happen, our endeavours must be based on a robust set of foundations.

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Experience an unparalleled training opportunity and learn the processes, strategies and insights of the world's top coaches, influencers and social innovators.

Kain offers a unique training opportunity to advance your potential and maximise your progression in life.

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The power of human connection is to help people thrive, and strong relationships are the web of life that enables us to improve ourselves and fulfil our potential.

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Experience an unparalleled brand of online training resourses, bespoke designed to serve aspiring social influencers, difference makers and innovators of change.

Our principle-based instruction draws upon real-world experience rather than theory because we understand that in the 2020s, action speaks volumes louder than words. 

Our Achology certified training courses are more than just a learning experience; they will equip you with the essential knowledge and insights that are required to propel you forward on your journey of empowerment and growth.

Kain's Life Coaching program was the most effective course I have ever attended. It has impacted me tremendously in every aspect and made a massive impact on the way I perceive life. I am honoured and proud to have learned from Kain!

- Maram Iht

Kain's training is extensive, easy to follow and offers in-depth insights about effectively influencing people. Kain is an exceptional communicator who shares his expertise to enable others in becoming agents of positive change.

- Julio Del Pozo Simarro


Strong relationships ‘pull us up’ and have the power to transform our worlds. Link in with Kain’s International Network of ambitious and motivated people who are also in the process of leaving their unique mark on the world.


Based in Fife, Scotland, Kain Ramsay is a passionate social entrepreneur, coach, mentor and teacher. Kain is appreciated amidst the world’s top thinkers in the fields of community development and applied psychology. 

Kain partners with today’s leading social innovators, motivated entrepreneurs, educational pioneers, mentors and global influencers as they develop themselves, obey their potential and reshape the world one person at a time.

Social change arises from a cultural paradigm shift. In his brand style of raw, intense ‘preacher-like’ oration, Kain’s unique method of teaching life wisdom proceeds to advance the fields of personal growth and applied psychology.


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How to be a Good Listener

How to be a Good Listener

Those of us born with the ability to hear take listening for granted. But the art of listening has nothing to do with our sensory experience of hearing. Listening is a complex cognitive process which involves understanding, reception and interpretation, all of which requires motivation and dedication. 

Change is Inevitable. Embrace it.

Change is Inevitable. Embrace it.

Change is an inevitable part of existence. et despite change being part of our genetic makeup, many people are reluctant to accept change. They fear it, avoid it and either secretly or openly oppose it. 

What is Your Intrinsic Value?

What is Your Intrinsic Value?

Intrinsic value isn’t related to any consequential outcomes such as merits, achievements, status or even your value to others. You continue to have intrinsic value throughout your life even if you did nothing. 


Kain Ramsay TV is a platform for the most current and exciting discussions in the world of personal growth and applied psychology. 

From discussing essential life principles to topics of personal and professional growth, KRTV offers viewers diverse and thought-provoking insights into how applied psychology transforms lives.

Be acquainted with and enlightened by essential growth principles that you can apply in your everyday life, business and relationships.