Many people crave more fulfilment in life but don’t know how to find it. They try everything to feel better, from changing jobs to dating new people to attending therapy and taking pills.

Most people don’t realize that avoiding taking responsibility only postpones one inevitable truth – that nothing about people’s life changes until people commit to improving themselves.

In Responsibility Rebellion: An Unconventional Approach to Personal Empowerment, author Kain Ramsay discusses why so many people rely on ‘easy steps’ and ‘magical formulas’ to reach their goals and find fulfilment in life, only to come up short.

This ‘sensibly’ practical book will equip you with a structured roadmap for personal growth and progress that shows you how to become better rather than just feel better.

“One of best self-help book i’ve read. rather than self-centred and superficial forms of success, focuses on leading reader towards value-driven, community-oriented and fulfilment-producing form of success through internal growth and personal responsibility.”

Robin Shackleton – amazon review


“People remain disempowered until they accept their potential and take responsibility for managing all aspects of their lives.”

Few people in the world haven’t, at one point in their life, had a messed-up or destructive relationship with themselves.

All relationships are complicated and require effort to maintain, but unlike familial, platonic, and romantic relationships, our relationship with ourselves doesn’t bend in the same way. Like it or not, you are stuck with yourself.

Any other relationship is negotiable, whether familial, platonic, or romantic – in any of those scenarios, you can walk away if you need to. Your relationship with yourself, on the other hand, is permanent.

You can’t walk away from yourself or talk things through if things become unpleasant, and here lies the big problem.

a guide to personal empowerment

After finishing this book, you may feel excited to get out there to start a business, work on your relationships, or change your career, but there’s no point in doing anything in life unless you’re willing to express yourself genuinely, creatively, and just be who you truly are.

Don’t waste years waiting for ‘life’ to mould around your short-term circumstances or needs. You will become automatically empowered as you decide who you want to rise up and become in the world as it is.

Your best life lies beyond your comfort zone. When you rebel against your beliefs and take responsibility for your life, you begin conquering your endeavours. If your endeavours are anything less than values-based, they may be incongruent, which will lead to nothing meaningful.

To rebel against the life that you’re living is to own who you are, be who you’re capable of being, and commit the rest of your life to deliver EVERYTHING that you’re capable of – and then some.

Responsibility Rebellion is now available for purchase on Amazon and all other good online book retailers.

“If you are looking for a book that tells you not what you want but what you need to listen to, this is definitely your book. Natural, straight to the point and human, without unnecessary technicalities. As brilliant as his e-courses.”