Visionary Goal Setting For Leaders


Every influential leader must regularly answer the question ‘What specifically am I here to achieve? This is when visionary goal-setting becomes essential. Goal setting is the strategic planning process that will allow you to quantify the specific strategic, financial, social or innovative outcomes that you must commit to delivering upon.

When men and women in a position of influence entertain vague goals, they can make unwise decisions that cost them time, money or impact. Some leaders get stuck in a rut for years, unsure of what their main priorities are. If this sounds similar, this Visionary Goal Setting in Leadership training event will help you to gain the clarity you need.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to visualise what you must accomplish through your leadership.
  • How to create win-win cultures that inspire fully devoted followership.
  • How to craft a compelling vision statement that reflects your priorities.
  • How to distinguish essential objectives from non-essential objectives.
  • A framework for setting empowering goals and well-formed outcomes.
  • The motivations, principles, and priorities that drive decision-making.
  • The process for converting a vision into goals, and goals into a reality.
  • A proven framework for weighing up your time management decisions.

You will be presented with a time-proven methodology for setting congruent goals that reflect your values and strategic intent. You’ll learn to create a detailed action plan for progressing your leadership goals from concept to reality while also developing a detailed action plan and setting key performance indicators to ensure that you stay firmly on track.

Having a clear and strategic vision for what your leadership must deliver upon in the weeks, months, and years ahead will equip you with a robust set of foundations for defining your immediate priorities, setting appropriate boundaries with people and making strategic decisions about how you best utilise the time, energy and resources that you have access to.

The Experience

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Key Ideas Taught

Each day, there are many options regarding what you give your time or attention. Every choice comes with an opportunity cost. Intelligent leaders make decisions based on opportunity costs. Every time you spend your time on something, that’s time you can’t spend on something else.

The comfort zone is the arch-enemy of any leader who understands that new frontiers and territory must always be conquered. Sometimes, after a season of effortful striving, the comfort zone can serve as a place of rest, but it must never become a permanent place of residence.

A mission lives in the heart of every influential leader. Mission is what gives all leadership its sense of direction, purpose and sense of what it exists to achieve. The most effective way to remain consistently missional in leadership is to decide upon a compelling personal mission statement, life philosophy or creed. Missional leaders attract impassioned followers.

A personal mission statement becomes the DNA for every leadership decision that you make. Wise leaders eliminate all of the non-essential distractions that undermine the mission that they are committed to. Setting purpose-oriented goals is easy once you know where your greatest level of leadership contribution can be made.

Invest into becoming an internationally focused global citizen. In exchange for the chance to contribute anywhere on the planet, you are bound by an obligation to deliver something worthwhile, which will improve the world in some way. Cultivate within you a missional desire to leave a meaningful personal (or professional) legacy.

“Taking time to create and quantify a socially responsible, congruent and empowering personal mission statement is unquestionably one of the most crucial investments that a leader can make into the longevity of his or her professional reputation and credibility.”

Kain Ramsay Visionary Goal Setting for Leaders

“Having absolute clarity in life is essential for making wise and well-informed decisions. Knowing exactly what you want will give you the boldness and self-assuredness to say “no” to everything else and all other secondary things that you genuinely don’t want.”

Kain Ramsay The Psychology of Personal Clarity

“Sensible business owners are problem solvers. Effective entrepreneurship must involve finding innovative and financially viable solutions to existing social, economical, process driven, environmental and technical problems. A business that serves no greater purpose than making profit is a highly uninspiring business!”

Kain Ramsay The Stages of Smart Entrepreneurship


09:30 - 17:00


Academy of Modern Applied Psychology


£295.00 + VAT