Who is Kain Ramsay?


Kain Ramsay is an established teacher of personal growth principles, a passionate social entrepreneur, community builder and is regarded among the world’s top thought leaders of modern applied psychology. 

Partnering with other fervent social innovators, Kain serves ambitious entrepreneurs, educators, coaches and social pioneers as they develop themselves, embrace their potential and enrich society through their various projects or programs. 

Kain’s unique presentation style cores on providing enthusiastic learners with the practical strategies and insights required to create a more far-reaching impact in the cultures they wish to improve. 

Through his signature style of raw, impassioned ‘preacher-like’ oration, Kain’s unique approach to teaching personal growth principles continues to fashion the fields of self-improvement, professional development and the various expressions of applied psychology.


The Learning Years

"In the early years, as I studied the Social Sciences (psychology, sociology and philosophy) in (Andrew) Carnegie College, alongside other expressions of applied psychology (coaching, counselling, neuro-linguistic programming and CBT), I instantly recognised a void in the instructional delivery of these subjects.

Between 2009 and 2013, I launched myself into full-time study to gain insights into human behaviour. In this time, I also became credited in business management and leadership. While the instruction I received was outstanding, I could see that a new innovative approach to teaching applied psychology and the behavioural sciences were essential.”

Udemy's Top Personal Development Instructor

In spring 2014, Kain was invited to become a personal development instructor at Udemy.com. Since then, his unique approach to teaching has propelled him to become a leading provider of e-learning courses.

By autumn 2018, Kain's reputation had accelerated. With over 500,000 students across the world registered in one or more of his education resources, Kain was classified as the most sought-after instructor in the personal development category on Udemy.

After a decade of teaching, coaching and mentoring people, Kain amalgamated his expertise and turned his focus towards building a new, online, community-based model of education. Achology (The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) was launched back in 2018, which today, still pioneers the way in online educational reform.

Achology is backed by some of the most influential figures in the field of applied psychology, including Gerard Egan, Ph.D., (author of The Skilled Helper), and furthers personal growth in a collaborative learning environment without the obligation for members to travel or pay extravagant study fees.

Enthused by driving improved transparency in the fields of modern applied psychology, Kain and a team of technical specialists founded an intuitive E-Learning system to drive learning and competency among certified helpers (inc. teachers, social innovators and those in roles of influence, leadership or management).

On leaving school in 1996, I joined the British Army to be trained in military engineering. While I don’t work in construction anymore, I am devoted to raising influential people, driving social projects, growing sustainable businesses and cultivating healthy communities. 

To create an excellent quality of life, we must pursue a future vision that is attainable and sustainable. I realised from a young age that quality of life compares to the essence of that which we build with our lives.

Kain’s unconventional style of teaching carries a unique personal philosophy which has inspired over 500,000 people across the world to raise their standards about everything they’re ready to live for.  

Today, Kain continues to lead the way and close the gap between theoretical psychological hypothesis and applying psychologically-based principles in a helpful way that improves peoples lives and positively impacts societies at large.