Who is Kain Ramsay?


Kain Ramsay is a social pioneer, entrepreneur and is admired among the world’s top masterminds in the field of applied psychology. Partnering with some of today’s most ardent social innovators, Kain supports aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches and social influencers as they master themselves, stretch their potential and enrich the world in their unique ways.

Kain’s unparalleled communication style centres on enabling individuals and impact-makers with the working strategies and insights required to enhance their intrinsic value and create a more far-reaching impact in today’s modern world.

Kain concludes that significant world change always originates with a strong paradigm shift. Through his signature style of raw, impassioned ‘preacher-like’ oration, Kain’s unique approach to teaching personal growth continues to mould the fields of personal growth, professional development and modern applied psychology.

The Learning Years

"In my early years as I formally studied the social sciences (psychology and philosophy) alongside various expressions of para-professional helping (including coaching, mentoring, counselling, CBT, NLP, etc.), I quickly identified a void in the educational delivery of these subjects.

Between 2009 and 2013, I studied counselling, the social sciences, philosophy and fought to understand our human experience. In this time, I also certified in neuro-linguistic programming and business development. While the training I acquired was excellent, I could see that an innovative approach to teaching applied psychology and life philosophy was critically essential."

Udemy's Top Personal Development Instructor

In 2014, Kain was invited to become an instructor at Udemy. Since then, he has become a leading provider of online e-learning courses. By 2018, Kain's popularity accelerated. He was named the most popular personal development instructor on Udemy, with over half a million students across the world enrolled in his training resources.

After over a decade of experience, Kain amalgamated his values for community-based learning and social impact to found Achology, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Achology has been endorsed and supported by some of the most influential figures in the world of psychology, including Gerard Egan, Ph.D., (author of The Skilled Helper).

Passionate about achieving greater transparency when it came to the competence of practising professionals, Kain wanted to take E-Learning to the next level by bringing live workshop experiences online and facilitating growth and development in a communal learning environment without the need to travel or pay exorbitant seminar fees.

“When I first left school back in 1996, I joined the British Army to be trained in building occupations. While I don’t build houses anymore, I am passionate about building big people, social projects, sustainable businesses and healthy communities. I’ve long believed that our quality of life is determined by the quality of that which we each build.

Today, Kain remains congruent in his goal to close the gap between conventional formal psychology education and practical application of psychological principles. Drawing from real-life experience, Kain’s approach to teaching carries a personal philosophy which has inspired over a quarter of a million people across the globe to invest in their unlimited opportunity for personal growth and start positively impacting the world around them.