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Author, Influencer, Thought-Leader, Innovator

As an established teacher of personal and professional growth principles, and a champion of mental well-being, Kain Ramsay is regarded as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders of modern applied psychology.


Known for his signature style of raw, impassioned, ‘preacher-like’ oration, Kain’s unique approach to teaching personal and professional growth principles continues to fashion the fields of self-improvement, professional development, and modern education.


With nearly two decades of experience as a mentor and teacher, and armed with a wealth of knowledge, Kain has partnered with other fervent social innovators and disrupted the old world view of education by pioneering a newer, forward-thinking approach to learning.


Through his passionate entrepreneurial mindset and his gift for building community, Kain’s revolutionary educational philosophy has been adopted by social influencers throughout the world who continue to use Kain’s practical strategies and valuable insights to transform their lives and the lives of the people they serve.

Kain’s Journey

The Learning Years

In his learning years, Kain studied Business, Leadership and the Social Sciences, including psychology, sociology, and philosophy at (Andrew) Carnegie College. In addition to these courses, he also studied other expressions of applied psychology, including coaching, counselling, neuro-linguistic programming, and CBT.


During his studies, Kain instantly identified a void in the delivery of these subjects. He believed that understanding these foundational teachings of modern psychology would not only improve the mental wellness of society as a whole, but the practical application of the principles could be life-changing for those ready to accelerate their personal and professional growth.


The main problem was that these crucial life principles and teachings were often concealed behind a high price-tag and delivered by instructors who didn’t always have and real-world experience of applying the principles. For nearly five years, Kain immersed himself in full-time study to gain insights into human behaviour. During that time, he became credited in business management and leadership. He also launched himself into real-world experience, which included mentoring veteran soldiers through his own non-profit, to help them transition into civilian life.


By teaching and mentoring others, Kain put psychology principles into relevant practice. During those learning years, Kain recognized that a new innovative approach to teaching applied psychology and the behavioural sciences was essential, to improve overall mental wellness and combine practical principles with valuable life experience.

Education Rebellion

kain ramsay education rebellion

Through innovation, hard work, and forward-thinking, Kain rebelled against the conventional view of education and embarked upon a campaign of educational reformation. No longer would the principles of modern applied psychology be hidden behind a high price-tag and academic bureaucracy. He was committed to the process of bringing those principles to the masses.


In 2014, Kain was requested to become a personal development instructor at Now, with over 550,000 students worldwide, Kain’s unique approach to teaching has propelled him to become one of the most sought-after instructors in Udemy’s personal development, social science and mental health categories.


While online learning has allowed Kain to deliver education to the world, he still felt something was missing from the online model. Learning the principles is not the same as real-world application. To bridge the gap, Kain turned his focus toward developing a new, online, community-based model of education – merging technical automation with real-time human interaction.

The Birth of Achology

kain ramsay birth of achologyIn 2018, Kain co-founded and launched Achology, a revolutionary new approach to learning. Enthused by driving improved transparency, Kain, and a team of technical specialists founded an intuitive E-Learning system to cultivate learning and skilled competency among an international community of certified mentors, innovators, influencers, coaches and thought-leaders.


The Academy of modern applied psychology serves as a revolutionary e-learning platform, that furthers personal growth and professional development in a collaborative learning environment without the obligation for members to travel or pay extravagant study fees. Within the Achology framework, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology is the first learning academy of its kind. This Academy is backed by some of the most influential figures in the field of applied psychology, including Gerard Egan, Ph.D., author of The Skilled Helper.


Kain’s unparalleled range of training courses has also earned positive feedback from the kin of the late Milton H Erickson. For the first time, ambitious entrepreneurs, educators, mentors and social pioneers can develop themselves, embrace their full potential, and contribute back into society through gaining in-depth knowledge of the foundational principles of modern psychology and the benefit of real-world application through community-centred online learning.

Thinking Forward

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Kain’s unconventional philosophy has inspired over 550,000 people throughout the world to rise up and claim their right to an experience-based, principle-driven education. He stands committed to his belief that education is the most effective medium through which the world can be positively improved. Real learning advances competency and confidence.


Today, Kain continues to lead the way in stopping the gap between theoretical psychological hypothesis and the practical application of psychologically-based principles. He understands that the primary purpose of education is to teach people how to think, learn, and identify innovative new ways to advance community, society and their nations.


Through his books, lectures, and a broad range of training products, he is moulding the landscape of educational reform to welcome all innovators who are prepared to take their education into their own hands and generate a positive impression in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kain's credentials for teaching applied psychology?

Kain is a relentless learner; he spent many years studying complimentary training courses via multiple training institutions throughout Scotland and the UK. He is formally educated in the social sciences, including the fields of psychology, sociology, criminology and political philosophy. The continuing study of human philosophy and theology remain as principal areas of ongoing research and inquiry for him.

In what order should I study Kain's training courses?

As you begin to study Kain’s training materials, you will find there is a natural overlap between the various modern applied psychology disciplines. The courses can be studied in any order, and there is no right or wrong. Just begin with the field of study that interests you the most. Review the various course landing pages to identify which applied psychology discipline is most relevant to you.

Who created the modern applied psychology curriculum?

The modern applied psychology curriculum is an unparalleled training resource, established by Kain Ramsay, between 2012 and 2020. The curriculum highlights how all psychological perspectives, modalities and disciplines can complement each other and allow the learner to acquire a holistic and well-balanced understanding of the human experience and the motivational driving forces behind all human behaviour.

Who has inspired Kain's thinking in recent years?

Kain has benefited from numerous mentors who have significantly influenced his thinking over the last 15 years, including his late Army training Sergeant (Leslie Samual), Gerard Egan, Professor of Organization Studies and Psychology at the Loyola University of Chicago, Peter Hope and Alfonso R. Bernard, founder and president of A.R. Bernard Ministries. Kain also honours the life works and legacies of Albert Ellis, A.C. Grayling, Raghuram Rajan, and Jordan Bernt Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

Kain’s Heart – Karen Ramsay

While Kain is a prominent face in his various communities, Karen is the heart. As partners in multiple companies, Karen drives the business side of things.


From leading video production to being the sounding board for new projects, Karen works with Kain to shape, mold, and solidify the content that Kain is famous for delivering. Karen is also on the board of directors for Achology.

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