It’s not what we learn or achieve that defines us in life, but it’s who we become, what we give and how we enable others to resultantly grow.

– Kain Ramsay

The Foundation of Social Influence

Influence is not about the money or status people acquire, but is more to do with integrity and our capability to positively impact others.

To grow in influence, it’s important that we grasp a vision that directs our personal growth and progression.

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A Basis for Legacy and Impact

What we do, how we feel and what we gain in life will all be irrelevant when we’re gone, our legacy lies in who we are for other people today.

If we want to build great things and positively impact our societies, it’s essential that we assess the scale of our vision.

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The Stages of Professional Progress

To facilitate positive cultural change and drive progress, it’s essential we learn how to build new things that make older things obsolete.

The journey towards proficient maturity is a progressive one which demands that we each know how to organise our lives.

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