The First Training of its Kind

It’s not just about you studying a course; your individual growth and improvement are always the top priority. We want you to become the next industry-leading expert in your niche. You simply decide when it’s time to get started!

In our unique, peer-learning environment, you choose your route and direction for learning. Kain Ramsay hosts a broad library of certified courses, with regular workshops and events that you can access anyplace, anytime and via any device through Achology.

Live Training in Achology

Achology Training Workshops are instructor-led sessions that blend the best in quality, expertise, and accessibility to elevate your knowledge, understanding and competencies. Learn how to sharpen your skills, master your strengths, and receive valuable input from other established Achologists from all around the world.

Whether you are looking to schedule a private one-on-one discussion with an experienced coach, or access an instructor-led class for yourself, we have an ever-expanding calendar of classes to satisfy your learning needs. Each Achology study session will allow you to recognise the most suitable methods for implementation.

How achology can help you


Become an effective influencer and positively transform the behaviours of others with our unparalleled range of online training solutions. Learn at a world-class online academy, the first peer-to-peer learning environment of its kind; our unique education programs generate transformational impact across a range of psychological disciplines and applications from coaching to NLP and counselling.


Applied Learning is an emerging approach to education that reflects principled practice. It focuses on how student learning can be heightened through theory implementation and translating principles and practices into real-world situations.

We take principled practice very seriously, meaning all of our students develop into competent practitioners with the experience necessary to start their careers.


Competencies are the personal and professional qualities employers and prospective clients look for in skilled practitioners. Anyone can learn a set of skills, but understanding the principles underpinning a set of skills allows for your practice to become competency-based instead of just knowledge-based.


Credentialing is an essential function that allows employers, organisations and prospective clients to properly identify qualified practitioners whose competency supersedes their certification.

Credentialing is the process by which practice hours, studies and professional development are monitored and recorded.


Achology (the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) is the leading online education platform of its kind and pioneers an impressive new way for applied psychology and the professional helping methods to be investigated, instructed, understood and mastered. Are you ready to join the revolution?