The First ONLINE Training of its Kind

It’s not just about you studying a course; your personal growth and professional development are our top priority.

In our unique, peer-learning environment, you choose your route for learning. Kain hosts an extensive library of Achology certified training courses, with regular workshops and events that you can access anyplace, anytime and via any device in Achology.

We want you to become an industry-leading expert in your niche. All you have to do is decide when you’re ready to begin!

Live ONLINE Training in Achology

Achology training classes are instructor-led sessions that blend the best in quality, expertise, and accessibility to elevate your knowledge, comprehension and competency. Learn to sharpen your skills, maximise your strengths, and get invaluable input from other Achologists in our worldwide network.

Whether you want personal one-on-one discussions with an expert coach, or access an instructor-led class to amplify your skills, we have an expanding calendar of events to serve your learning needs. Each Achology study session will allow you to identify the most appropriate ways to implement what you learn immediately.

You can also join in live community discussions, the Achology Business Club and Mastermind sessions. Mentoring, coaching and peer accountability are all weaved together in our unique online community-led training environment.

How achology can help you


You will learn at a world-class online academy, the first peer-to-peer training environment of its kind.

Achology is the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, and hosts a unique range of on-demand training courses that cover the broad spectrum of psychology-based methods. These methods include coaching, NLP, CBT, counselling and many more.

When you join an Achology training course, a training course isn't all that you get. Training with Achology also grants you access into our international 'community' ecosystem of experience, shared knowledge, wisdom and understanding.


Applied Learning is an emerging route to modern education that cultivates and supports competency-based practice. This is how experts are made.

Applied learning centres on how student learning can be maximised by implementing theory in a useful way so that principles and practices are converted into sustainable real-world outcomes.

We take principled practice seriously. Many of our students become skilled practitioners who progress to drive rewarding new careers. Deep understanding always paves the way for effective application.


Information without understanding is fragile. The mission of Achology is to grow a global network of competent applied psychologists who emerge to impact their cultures, hometowns and nations.

Competencies are the essential skills that people seek out in expert professionals. Anyone can grow in knowledge, but knowing how to drive behavioural change is what separates students from specialists.

If you aspire to become the next industry-leading authority in your specific niche - all you have to do next is decide when you're ready to get started.


Credentialing in any training organisation is the vital function that enables clear identification of skilled expertise. Competency must succeed certification.

Credentialing is the regulated method through which practice hours and professional improvement are recorded to accurately appraise the experience and competency of our extensive student base.

Join Achology, and discover why this unique training method is internationally appreciated for leading the way in twenty-first-century education.


Achology is the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and leads an impressive new way for applied psychology and the professional helping methods to be investigated, taught, experienced and understood.

If you aspire to become the next industry-leading authority in your specific niche – all you have to do next is decide when you’re ready to get started.

Join Achology today & become the change you hope to see in your networks.