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What is a Skilled Helper?

Gerard Egan first wrote the Skilled Helper in 1975, to instruct people through an uncomplicated process and acquire the requisite skills to solve their common problems and additional ones that may arise in the future. 


A skilled helper can be professional (a psychologist, psychotherapist, etc.) or a paraprofessional (coach, teacher, parent, etc.) who assists people in identifying new opportunities and solving complex problems.


Whether you are a professional or paraprofessional, if you’re in the business of helping people with their personal or professional growth, you’re a skilled helper.


There are infinite resources out there, documenting and interpreting Gerard Egans life work. In this unmatched online course, join Gerard Egan and Kain Ramsay as they examine the practicalities of skilled helping.

Your Skilled Helping
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The Gerard Egan and Kain Ramsay Skilled Helper course can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. The academy is hosted by Achology, an online platform that leads the way in modern online education.

The Gerard Egan Skilled Helper Course

Learn the Gerard Egan Skilled Helper model for solving problems and identifying opportunity for profound personal growth, with Kain Ramsay.


The ideas presented in this unique training share aspects of cognitive-behavioural psychology and are rooted in the heart of person-centred counselling.


In this exclusive Gerard Egan online training, learners are led in the process of establishing the vital people skills to facilitate others in managing their problematical situations quickly and efficiently.


If you hope to ignite significant change in people, this course will equip you with the framework to make it happen.

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7 hrs of On-Demand Video Training

34 Downloadable Resources

Fundamentals Certificate

Audio Course Included

Who is the Skilled Helper course for?

The Fundamentals of Skilled Helping and Problem Management course is for anyone whose primary focus in life is helping other people. Gerard Egan’s Skilled Helper model is a process used a lot in counselling or coaching situations where the objective is to achieve enduring change and empower people to manage their problems more effectively.


People often move from problem to action, or problem to solution, without seriously considering what they genuinely want, or in what way their problems might become opportunities. Thus there is an emphasis on personal empowerment through equipping people to take responsibility for becoming the solutions to their own problems.


The time-proven Skilled Helper model endeavours to move people towards taking practical action steps that will enable them to achieve the results and outcomes which they choose and value the most.


The skills learned in this training course are essential for:

  • Life Coaches, Therapists and Counsellors.
  • Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Communicators.
  • Teachers, Professional Mentors and HR Experts.
  • Public Speakers and Social Entrepreneurs.
  • Parents, Guardians and Child Care Workers.

  • Mindset and Accountability Mentors.
  • Physical Health and Fitness Consultants.
  • Business Leaders, Managers, and Coaches.
  • Business and Strategic Growth Consultants.
  • Sales Professionals and Marketing Experts.

For helping professionals such as counsellors and alternative therapists, the skills in this course will aid in helping clients manage their problems more effectively. These same skills can be used in the home and community to help youth and adults gain the necessary skills to become more resilient and empower them to rise up to face their challenges.


And when applying these essential people skills to the work environment, employees can learn to effectively communicate and support one another, adding to their ability to move through change more effectively.


Overall, those who benefit the most from this training are individuals who aspire to become more efficient problem solvers—which should be each of us.

Want to Know More About Skilled Helper?

When was the term Skilled Helper developed?

Gerard Egan the Skilled HelperThe Skilled Helper approach was founded by Gerard Egan, Ph.D., in 1975. His life works include: The Skilled Helper, Skilled Helping Around the World: Addressing Diversity and Multiculturalism, and You & Me: The Skills of Communicating and Relating to Others.


As a professor of Organisation Development and Psychology in the business school of Loyola University in Chicago, Egan’s Skilled Helper model has been invaluable to the field of psychology. It is fundamental to counselling, coaching, and mentoring to empower individuals to resolve their problems, find their solutions, and explore potential opportunities for personal growth and professional development.


Over the past 30 years, Egan’s The Skilled Helper has trained thousands of students a step-by-step counselling/coaching process that directs to heightened confidence, personal responsibility and inner resilience. Egans works are globally acknowledged for their successful problem-management and opportunity development approach to effective helping.


Gerard Egan’s ‘Helping Model’ has been looked upon as a framework that incorporates communication training skills into helping relationships. This model is not just about learning, it’s about applying the principles in real-world circumstances. Many reputable counselling and life coaching courses teach this transformative model that was first introduced by Egan as a “practical model for doing counselling.”

Why is the Skilled Helper model important?

The Skilled Helper has taught thousands of learners from all around the world, in multiple countries and multiple languages, a time-proven, step-by-step counselling process that can lead people towards improved confidence and self-proficiency.


As professional (or paraprofessional) skilled helpers (as Gerard Egan puts it), many of us spend our days in the servitude of others in some way – be these assisting clients, trainees, apprentices, older individuals, unemployed people, customers or children. To effectively inspire positive change in others, there are a few essential tools required for the job.

The Skilled Helper model (which is displayed throughout this training course) is pragmatic, change-oriented, and clarifies the appropriate skills available to the helper at different stages of the helping/counselling process.


Gerard Egan’s world-renowned approach gives practitioners a universally serving, practical framework which is compatible with the theories of personality and behaviour change. This ultimately allows skilled helpers to accomplish their goals of inciting change in clients.

If you want to make the most influential possible impact on those you assist, the best thing you can do for them is to learn a people-centred framework that will enable them to empower themselves to change.


Interculturally honoured for its triumphant approach to effective helping, the course syllabus highlights the collaborative nature of the coach-client relationship (as demonstrated between Gerard and Kain, in person) and employs a practical, three-stage framework that motivates people to take full responsibility for owning their problems and establishing their best possible solutions.

How can the Skilled Helper course help me?

The Skilled Helper has taught thousands of learners a time-proven, step-by-step counselling process that leads to improved confidence and proficiency. The Essentials of Skilled Helping and Problem Management course was created by Gerard Egan and kain Ramsay to guide students through the process of developing essential skills to enable other people to manage their situations suitably and effectively.


Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:


  • How to facilitate client development through collaboration, questions, and acceptance.
  • How to apply an easy-to-follow framework for effective counselling, coaching, and mentoring.
  • How to use a person-centred approach when working in a people-oriented environment.
  • A process for enabling others to solve problems & explore opportunities for growth/development.
  • A practical framework for managing personal boundaries in professional helping relationships.
  • How to develop empathic communication skills in your personal/professional relationships.
  • A four-step problem management process that can be applied in most life situations.
  • How to enable other people to manage their situations suitably and effectively.
  • And much, much more.


Interculturally appreciated for its successful approach to practical helping, the text highlights the collaborative nature of the coach-client relationship and utilises a useful, three-stage structure that drives client problem-managing and opportunity-developing action.

Where can I learn more about the Skilled Helper course?

Gerard Egan and Kain RamsayThe Fundamentals of Skilled Helping and Problem Management can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.


In this unrivalled training course, Gerard Egan (author of internationally bestselling book, The Skilled Helper) brings his lifetime of experience, alongside Kain Ramsay, to teach you an innovative framework for effective problem management and skilled helping.


The academy is hosted by Achology, an online training platform that provides more than just education. In Achology, not only will you receive this best-selling online training, but you’ll get to connect and train with a community of like-minded people. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice the principles you’re learning with real-world application.


Best of all, after you’ve completed your course, you’re eligible to become Achology certified and receive an Achology practitioner certificate.


Choosing to enrol will allow you to receive all of the core skills you need to immediately start your journey as a skilled helper. If you already operate as a professional or para-professional helper, you will gain skills that will compliment and significantly increase your current level of professional service.


Every journey begins with an intentional choice to take the first step. If you’re ready to take that step, we’re ready to walk you through it—every step of the way.

What would I learn throughout the Skilled Helper Book?

The Skilled Helper is a comprehensive guidebook for counsellors and coaches who work with clients. It highlights the collaborative alliance between the counsellor and client that permits successful counselling. The book intricately goes through Gerard Egan’s three-stage model.


Gerard Egan the Skilled Helper Course

If you want a copy of the Skilled Helper for your reference, click here.

The introduction section takes the reader through the history of the model and then discusses whether helping is required and the obstacles helpers may come across. The introduction section defines what the book is about, i.e. the Skilled Helper is a manual, not a complete coaching or counselling curriculum that musty be rigidly adhered to.


The Gerard Egan helping model, while rendering guidance, must remain adaptable to the needs of the client. One kind of rigidity is to drag clients mechanically through the stages and steps of the model – this isn’t recommended.


The book illustrates how to obtain respect, genuineness and empathy to cause the client to feel valued, affirmed and equipped to trust the skilled helper. That environment will permit the client to investigate, experience and take action, the main elements within Egan’s model. Egan highlights all the aspects of the Skilled helper model throughout the chapters, explaining in detail and offering definitions, to shows how they can be applied, and what kind of real-time results they could return.


He also offers personal evaluation strategies as well as boxes that highlight questions that need to be asked or addressed to assist the client. Skilled Helper is an excellent book for applied psychologists (achologists) alongside all those who function within the helping professions. It proves to be an enlightening read, and can immediately be followed. It is a valuable resource that can easily be referred to.


I think the skilled helper course is really fundamental. Whenever I get a client (...), it gives me first a sense of security. I know where I start and where I'm kind of going, and all other modalities like CBT and NLP can come off the shelf as I go with the client (...), but the basis, the golden thread if you will, is skilled helper framework.