Growing in Self-Awareness

A Guide to Cultivating Self-Awareness

Many of today’s current perplexities call for an answer to a question that the philosophers of old have been asking for millennia, ‘What does it mean to be human?’ I guess there is no simplistic answer.


We, as humans, are what we understand ourselves to be, by which I mean three things: firstly, there is who we decide to be, then there is who we announce ourselves to be, and lastly, there is who we are in truth.


These are the three responses we can have when describing ourselves, and the incongruences between them can often be tremendous.


Our self-conceptions are, in turn, responses to our life occurrences, our partialities, our ideologies, beliefs and the conditions we face in our societies. It’s important to note that how we perceive ourselves is rarely permanent. How we view ourselves tends to continuously shift as we increase in appreciation of who we are (and what we’re capable of) over a prolonged period of time.


A beneficial way to tackle the question, “What does it mean to be human?” is to examine how we look at ourselves (and other people) within the material, sociological, financial, and political conditions of our times.


Trying to define what it means to be human is like trying to explain where time comes from – In the same way that ‘time’ can be an unfathomable notion for some people, being ‘human’ can be an abstract idea too.


We’re each on a journey of self-discovery and individual growth. Yet, sometimes the most prominent barriers that restrict our progress in life are the unnecessary restrictions we unknowingly adopt by defining who we are in too modest or limiting a way.


Self-awareness precedes personal growth, and personal growth happens when we become aware of the aspects of our lives that we need to start improving in today.

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