How to Stimulate Personal Growth

Personal growth and transformation take place when people step outside of the comfort zone and dare to become involved in the process of taking risks and experimenting with their own life.

Growth is a complicated process and is a factor of our human experience that we can influence but not control.
Think about how plants grow. For any plant to grow and eventually yield fruit, numerous factors must first be in place. The plant must first be rooted in good soil, it must also have access to necessary nutrients, weeds or thistles can not surround it, and it must be allowed time and space to grow. Plants will not grow under pressure.
And in the same way, for a human to grow, transform and become fruitful in life, several factors must also be in place.
The human must first commit to the process of feeding and watering itself in a wholesome and nutritious way. Food and water are the primary prerequisites of all growth.
Secondly, the human must create appropriate space for growth to occur and be aware of any factors that might undermine his or her growth (attitudes, destructive worldviews, bad habits, etc.). The person cannot be surrounded by others who are not also expanding, improving, educating themselves and evolving.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Stay away from those who attempt to undermine your ambitions. Small thinking people tend to do that, but great people will always encourage you to consider that you, too, can accomplish remarkable things with your life.
The products of growth are perseverance, self-control, compassion, realness, openness, maturity, consistency, decisiveness and durability. Sensitivity is not representative of these things.
If we aspire to assess our maturity (or the maturity of others) – watch to recognise how other people might be expanding and improving as a direct result of our growth and the positive impact we have on them.

“A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realisation that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.”

– Denis Waitly

Live by the Principles You Preach

If our growth doesn’t equate to other people learning from us, improving and ultimately thriving, then yes, we might be growing in knowledge, but possibly not in maturity, character or wisdom.
Personal growth occurs when we learn how to apply principles in our lives consistently. Many rationally minded people direct the epicentre of their life efforts towards memorising information. And this is why many people fail to make any level of positive social impact with their life.
At all times, we will either be advancing in life (and taking people with us) or stagnating and possibly even going backwards. There is no such thing as remaining motionless in life. If we aren’t committed to the process of growing and developing ourselves in every area of existence, we might end up sabotaging ourselves, our careers or our relationships unintentionally.
Think about your own experience; what do you see as being other requirements for personal growth, development, and effectiveness?
Kain Ramsay
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As an established teacher of personal and professional growth principles, and a champion of mental well-being, Kain Ramsay is regarded as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders of modern applied psychology.