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What is Modern Applied Psychology?

Modern Applied Psychology is a revolutionized approach to the investigation of human behaviour, motivation, and conventional rational processes. Lying at the junction of theoretical, practical and philosophical psychology, Modern Applied Psychology goes beyond the frames of traditional psychology to solve problems and manage relational and mental health issues within the context of contemporary, daily life.


Modern Applied Psychology looks at how we can use an amalgamation of psychology principles and practices to manage our emotions, stress, time, decision-making, and relationships more effectively to achieve our goals and live a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Your Modern Applied Psychology
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Kain’s extensive Modern Applied Psychology course can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. The academy is hosted by Achology, an online training provider that leads the way in modern online education.

Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology

The principles of psychology affect everyone daily, whether they are communicating with friends, disputing with a spouse, or disciplining their children. By enrolling in the Diploma of Modern Applied Psychology, you will learn how to become self-sufficient in effectively applying the principles and philosophies of psychology within all aspects of your life; from your personal and professional relationships to your goal-setting and decision making.

modern applied pschology diploma course
52.5 hrs of On-Demand Video Training

Over 220+ Downloadable Resources

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Who is Modern Applied Psychology for?

If you want to delve beyond the traditional realms of psychology and discover how to combine the theories and philosophies of psychology to create effective and sustainable change, Modern applied psychology is the course for you.


From a professional and personal perspective, this discipline is beneficial for:

  • Life coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Counsellors
  • Team Leaders, Managers and Influencers

  • Social Workers
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Teachers

Modern applied psychology is ideal for those who wish to build upon the fundamentals of psychology and take their professional and personal
performance to the next level.

Want to Know More About Modern Applied Psychology?

When was Modern Applied Psychology Developed?

Modern Applied Psychology (MAP) was developed by Kain Ramsay in 2018 as a byproduct of his research into the effectiveness of contemporary psychology after ten years of practice. Ramsay recognized that traditional psychology sat within a framework which could only extend so far, and such limitations weren’t suited for our fast-evolving world and social problems.


Kain saw the need for a field of psychology which demystified theoretical psychology and made the science more human and relatable to help people focus on personal strengths, improve communication, strengthen communities and workplaces, reinforce relationships and eliminate fears of failure. With this in mind, Ramsay established the field of MAP and established the School of Modern Applied Psychology, Achology.

Why is Modern Applied Psychology Important?

Modern Applied Psychology goes beyond the realms of traditional psychology to ensure the psychological field of reference is inclusive of all experiences and backgrounds. MAP employs applied psychology’s scientific methods to solve ever-expanding and diversifying contemporary issues, from mental health to personal development.


Modern Applied Psychology is an ever-evolving field of psychology, and it refutes the practice of ‘one-size-fits-all’ psychological treatment. MAP embraces the nuances of human experience by marrying such variation with the fundamental principles and philosophies of psychology. MAP amalgamates the most effective psychological techniques and methods to provide the very best psychological insight and assistance to those in need of support and takes into consideration the uniqueness of their circumstances, background and experience.

How Can Modern Applied Psychology Help Me?

Kain’s Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology takes psychology to a revolutionary new level. Those who take this course learn a whole new approach to psychology which is all-encompassing, and they also learn how to approach psychology techniques and methods with an open and evolutionary mindset.


Modern Applied Psychology intends to transform the world of psychology for the better by making the science more inclusive, diverse and updated to ensure those on personal and professional journeys are equipped for their ever-changing environment and circumstances.


Modern Applied Psychology enables individuals to:


  • Master the multiple philosophies and schools of thought of psychology
  • Manage their thoughts and regulate their emotional responses.
  • Develop their capacity for self-reflection
  • Understand how a person develops their unconscious beliefs and behaviours and reprogram their learned behaviours and thoughts
  • Make congruent decisions that are in alignment with their primary values, future based goals and life priorities.
  • Enrich their world-views, understand their core values, enhance their self-beliefs and acknowledge emotional triggers
  • Use psychology principles and philosophical ideologies to increase the quality of their social, intimate and professional relationships
  • Think critically and decipher life events accurately & helpfully
  • Understand the principal motives and reasonings that underpin most patterns of repeated behaviour (both productive and adverse)
  • Support other people on an individual basis with much more understanding and a broader world-view

Where Can I Learn More About Modern Applied Psychology?

Kain’s dynamic diploma in Modern Applied Psychology can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. The academy is hosted by Achology, an online training platform that provides more than just education.


This Achology Certified Modern Applied Psychology course was designed to transform your approach to psychology radically. You will learn how to create a flexible and well-versed approach to psychological techniques, principles and philosophies, and you will also learn how to diversify your experience and expertise within the Achology community.


In Achology, not only will you receive Kain’s best-selling online training, but you’ll get to connect and train with a community of like-minded people. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice the principles you’re learning with real-world application.


Best of all, after you’ve completed your course, you’re eligible to become Achology certified and receive an Achology practitioner certificate.


This Modern Applied Psychology diploma is transforming the way people interact with psychological principles to better their lives and the lives of others. Every journey begins with an intentional choice to take the first step. If you’re ready to take that step, we’re prepared to walk you through it—every step of the way.