Slide Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
Teach a man how to teach others to fish, and end world hunger.
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What is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach is someone with the essential knowledge who will guide others through the process of recognizing and overcoming the hurdles that stand in the way of their goals. Life coaching is an accountability-based alliance that cores on the fulfilment of positively framed outcomes.


A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by supporting them through the process of forming, reaching and surpassing goals in both their personal and professional lives. Coaching is amongst today’s fastest-growing professions, and also among the most satisfying.


Life experience provides the grounds of effective life coaching, and life coach training brings the structure needed to enable an effective life coaching process. Life coaching that doesn’t correlate to people growing in maturity, efficiency, consistency and decisiveness, isn’t life coaching.


“We wouldn’t want a criminal teaching school children about honesty, and in the same way, we don’t people who aren’t experts of life intervening with the tomorrows and aspirations of others” – Kain Ramsay.

Your Life Coaching
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Kain’s world-renowned Life Coaching training can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. The academy is hosted by Achology, an online training platform that offers an exciting new way of facilitating learning.

Stage 1: Life Coaching Certificate Course

Beginner to Advanced

The Life Coaching Certificate Course presents you with core coaching skills that you can apply either with clients in a career as a life coach or in your personal life for the advancement of your objectives in your vocation and personal relationships.


This complete program analyses the psychology behind human behaviour, goal setting, personal growth and performance. This Achology certified course will present you with the core skills you need to begin your practice as a life coach immediately.

Life Coaching Course Kain Ramsay
32.5 hours of video on demand

33 downloadable resources

practitioner certificate

Audio Course Included

Stage 2: Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma

Advanced to Expert

The high-level Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma training provides you with a comprehensive toolkit of the fundamental skills required for skillfully coaching other people individually, or in a professional context or setting.


This compelling training course is suitable for those who aspire to develop a coaching business or use life coaching skills in their work. It is also appropriate for those who want a well-balanced understanding of an efficient life coaching process.

life coaching online intermediate course
31.5 hours of video on demand

downloadable resources

practitioner certificate

Audio Course Included

Who is Life Coaching for?

Life coaches provide valuable support to those dedicated to achieving goals and fulfilling their potential in life. Life coaching, when executed well, can equip people to grow personally, and make progress in life areas which they want to improve, e.g. relationships, work, health or even work-life balance.


Life coaches work with people (often clients) to establish meaningful goals that can be actively planned for and achieved. By remaining supportive and objective, life coaches help clients to sustain motivation and dedication and to conclude the most useful ways to overcome barriers or delay.


People from all walks of life study life coaching, including;

  • Counsellors, Complementary Therapists & GPs.
  • Military Leaders, HR professionals & Nurses.
  • Existing Life Coaches (Who Want to Upskill).
  • Occupational Therapists and Nutritionists.

  • Relationship and Marriage Counsellors.
  • Personal Trainers, Mental Health Workers.
  • Social Care Workers, Ministers & Teachers.
  • Business Managers, Leaders & Influencers.

Life Coaching is a valuable area of study for those who want to fast-track their personal growth, effectiveness and interact more efficiently with others. You can blend life coach training into teaching, counselling, HR management, or even when working with young people.


Life coach training additionally helps us to significantly improve the various areas of our life, e.g. careers, confidence, personal growth, communication skills, friendship, general well-being, and family life.


Many who complete life coach training start-up a freelancing business, improve an existing coaching business, or launch a social enterprise.

Want to Know More About Life Coaching?

When was Life Coaching developed?

In the 1980s, when people came to Thomas Leonard, an American financial planner, for advice, they had more than just financial questions. They craved advice on their lives in general—how to organize it and how to reach their overall goals. Thomas recognized an important need and became a “life” advisor, calling himself a coach.


Many came to realize that just like sports coaches help their players rise to their fullest potential, people in all areas of life could use the same kind of support and encouragement. There are now approximately 100,000 life coaches throughout the world who are successfully working to improve the lives of their clients.

Why is Life Coaching important?

Many people want to be successful in life, but they don’t know how. They may lack the skills or struggle with confidence. Some have lived through difficult experiences that have kept them stuck in the past. With the help of a professional life coach, these people can find the tools and resources they need to move forward with their life.


Personal change is seldom a straightforward process. It’s complicated, unpredictable, and has scope for an infinite range of creative new responses. With the help of a certified Life Coach, navigating the changes in life can become much easier to manage.


A Life Coach can help others to create healthy relationships, develop new empowering habits, overcome limiting beliefs, successfully navigate beyond life transitions, and become better leaders—while fostering these same results within themselves.

Where can I learn more about Life Coaching?

Kain’s certified Life Coaching courses can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. The academy is hosted by Achology, an online training platform that provides more than just education.


This Achology Certified Life Coaching course was designed to provide you with the understanding and insights you need to establish yourself as a professional Life Coach. You’ll learn how to empower others to take responsibility and decisive action for what they want. In short, you’ll learn to build big people.


In Achology, not only will you receive Kain’s best-selling online training, but you’ll get to connect and train with a community of like-minded people. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice the principles you’re learning with real-world application.


Best of all, after you’ve completed your course, you’re eligible to become Achology certified and receive an Achology practitioner certificate.


Choosing to enroll in Kain’s Life Coaching program will be a life-changing choice, not just for you, but for the people you serve. There are people out there, right now, who are waiting for your positive influence in their life.


Every journey begins with an intentional choice to take the first step. If you’re ready to take that step, we’re ready to walk you through it—every step of the way.

What can a Life Coach help people with?

Life coaches employ methods to support those they serve in all phases of life. If you’ve ever struggled with adhering to a health regime, mastering a new skill, initiating a career transition, increasing your confidence or just making a big decision, life coaching supports all of these things.


A life coach will address things objectively and practically. Through asking questions, a coach will seek to understand how a person perceives the world before setting goals or determining an action plan. From this, they will recognize the most feasible route to a goal.


Factors that life coaches deal with can include (but aren’t limited to):


Relationships. The quality of relationships people have will often influence the condition of their mental and emotional well-being. Developing refined strategies for maintaining healthy relationships is among the wisest investments people can make in life.


Business and Career. Running a business can be challenging work. Sometimes, some people become so engrossed in ‘the grind’ that they overlook other important aspects of their life. Coaches can serve to grow leadership skills, improve decision-making and assess work/life balance.


Personal Mastery. Many people get discouraged upon discerning that they aren’t getting closer to the outcomes they hope for. Life coaching assists personal mastery, which expresses itself through wise decision making, efficient self-management and elevated social influence.


Increased Performance. Self Enhancement is at the core of life coaching. Whatever needs to be improved upon and by whom; athletes, entertainers, novelists, musicians, or business professionals – expert life coaching can spur people on to push through their limitations and surpass expectations.

Do Life Coaches need formal qualifications?

Life coaching is currently an unregulated profession throughout the UK, Europe, America and most other countries in the world. This essentially means that anyone can call themselves a life coach. While this fact can make it quite cost-effective for some people to get started, it’s wise to research before you commit to an expensive life coach training course.


Within the academy of modern applied psychology, you can interact with life coaches in training, and seasoned life coaches alike, many of whom have trained with other organizations before committing to this training. Before all things, it is important to find a training support community who cant support you through your ongoing learning process.


Qualifications and professional membership fees mean little to life coaches and practitioners who aren’t growing in competency, skill and overall confic=dence to practice. These things should be a priority before professional recognition or certification.


In all the times, all the interactions I've had with him and the teaching - authenticity, you know, honestly that was my first impression. I said to myself: 'this guy's the real deal.' (Kain) gave me the ability to believe in myself through this structure that he builds in Achology and practising (...).