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Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
Teach a man how to teach others to fish, and end world hunger.
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The Heart of Kain Ramsay

While Kain is a prominent face in his various communities, Karen is the heart. As partners in multiple companies, Karen drives the business side of things. From leading video production to being the sounding board for new projects, Karen works with Kain to shape, mold, and solidify the content that Kain is famous for delivering. Karen is also on the board of directors for Achology.


In many of Kain’s training programmes, Karen offers depth through providing a complementary perspective that often differs from Kains. Known for her raw honesty and vulnerability while on camera, Karen boldly demonstrates how to lead and inspire others through her own example.

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Karen’s Journey

A Love of Music

From an early age, Karen has had a passion for music. Not only does she enjoy the performance of music, but she loves the creative process that comes when creating something unique with other musicians.


Karen’s musical talent includes piano, guitar, singing, and songwriting. Although she didn’t want to pursue it professionally, she released her first album Hope in 2014 under her maiden name, Karen Mowat. She also released a single Remembrance for Solid Grounds, Kain’s veterans’ charity that he launched to improve the mental well-being of returning soldiers.

The Learning Years

Karen is one of four children who grew up in a single parent family after the death of her father at age seven. Karen’s mother was a strong role model who displayed great strength of character and determination. Her hard work provided a secure upbringing for her children.


Building on the foundation she had established in her youth, Karen travelled to Africa as part of a six month humanitarian aid project where she focused on community development and delivering social education.


After returning from Africa, Karen studied occupational therapy, where she quickly became aware of the service limitations available to the public regarding mental health and well-being.


After completing her studies, Karen volunteered for a charity group in Edinburgh, where she delivered personal growth and self-improvement discussion groups.

Finding Her Match

While studying counselling in Edinburgh, Karen met Kain and developed the same passion for personal growth and applied psychology that Kain had. After already identifying voids in the conventional counselling and occupational therapy frameworks, Karen was excited to partner with Kain and see some of those voids being filled.


Karen found inspiration in Kain’s devotion to driving social change through influencing people all around the world to own their lives and become significant role models within their communities.


As Karen has worked diligently to develop herself as an entrepreneur and communicator, she has overcome her own internal demons along the way, and it’s overcoming these demons that Karen is esteemed for discussing so openly. Today, she partners with Kain in imparting knowledge and wisdom to an ever increasing global audience.

Karen and Kain Together

Healthy relational connection is a priority for Karen. She values strong relationships and has never lost a genuine concern for people. Together, this ex-soldier (Kain) and former model rule-follower (Karen) have found common ground and built a life that makes a positive difference in the lives of many.