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What is Applied Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a unique expression of psychological discussion that uses highly-ambiguous suggestion to guide people into a deep state of relaxation, meditative reflection and heightened state of self-awareness.


Hypnotherapy, as it was initially meant, wasn’t intended to send people to ‘sleep’ or have them foolishly barking like dogs. It allows people to exercise a dormant part of the mind to gain impeccable clarity on the resolutions they must make to advance and grow more efficient in life.


The purpose of hypnotherapy, when grounded in philosophy and modern applied psychology, is to empower individuals to experience resolute personal transformation while functioning in a deeply relaxed state of self-awareness.

Your Hypnotherapy
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Kain’s extensive Hypnotherapy Practitioner course can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. The academy is hosted by Achology, an online training provider that leads the way in modern online education.

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

Individuals who possess the skills and understanding of how best to facilitate profound inter-personal change have become an invaluable commodity throughout today’s modern society. You can become one of these people.


This highly-actionable Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma course is intended to assist you in creating a strong foundation on which to advance your expertise as an Achology hypnotherapy practitioner.

hypnotherapy online intermediate course
27.5 hrs of On-Demand Video Training

Over 110+ Downloadable Resources

Practitioner Certificate

Audio Course Included

Who is Hypnotherapy for?

Whether you aim to establish a new vocation as a Hypnotherapy practitioner or you’re hoping to learn some powerful methods to add to your current helping practice, the tools you’ll receive from studying Hypnotherapy will become a fundamental part of your skillset.


Hypnotherapy in effect induces an enhanced state of awareness (similar to a mixture of deep physical and subliminal relaxation) which enables the subconscious mind to become more attentive and receptive to useful suggestions. If you want to heighten your current expert offerings by combining hypnotherapy skills, this unique training course is for you.


The results of the hypnotherapeutic method can be remarkably valuable, and life-changing, for those who have committed to the process of personal growth and improvement. As with counselling and CBT, hypnotherapy can be notably helpful in dealing with pressure, stress, confidence issues and countless other presenting opportunities.


Some vocations that benefit from integrating Hypnotherapy can include:

  • Lifestyle and Occupation Guidance.
  • Ministry, Pastoral teams & Managers.
  • Occupational & Alternative Therapies.
  • Social, Community & Charitable Work.
  • HR Specialists, GP’s and Nurses.

  • Marriage and Family Counselling.
  • Guidance and Vocation Counselling.
  • Lifestyle Enhancement Counselling.
  • Rational Wellbeing Counselling.
  • Parents, Educators and Trainers.

Many people will experience self-doubts, stress, low self-esteem or obsessive judgments about someone or something at some stage of their life – this is normal. In most societies, however, there is no cultural or educational mandate in place for people to be instructed in proactive self-regulation and management – this where hypnotherapy is invaluable.


Don’t allow yourself to be deceived by urban tales and misleading myths. Hypnotherapy, when grounded in philosophy and modern applied psychology can present astounding support and clarifications when being practised skillfully by an Achology trained specialist in complete confidentiality.

Want to Know More About Hypnotherapy?

What is the history of hypnotherapy?

Using hypnosis as a tool for healing is believed to have originated with the Hindus of ancient India. In the 1700s, James Braid, a Scottish surgeon, helped to advance hypnotherapy in his practice as an essential remedy to functional nervous disorders.


Countless myths and misunderstandings surround hypnotherapy. Regrettably, despite meticulous scientific research and extensive therapeutic use, many people are still intimidated by the stigma that hypnotherapy is a mystical, magical or esoteric procedure.


Since its conception, hypnotherapy has been utilised to support people around the world live better and more fulfilled lives. Its practices and methods have been used by doctors, psychologists, psychoanalysts, life coaches, mental health practitioners, as well as other professionals and paraprofessionals. Hypnotherapy has even proven to be an invaluable instrument in various criminal inquiries.


The roots of hypnotherapy are inseparable from those of western medicine and psychology. Nearly all early cultures, including the Sumerian, Persian, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, used hypnosis in some shape or form. In ancient Egypt and Greece, the sick often went to healing rooms known as ‘sleep temples’ to be treated with hypnosis. In ancient India, the Sanskrit book known as The Law of Manu reported various levels of hypnosis; ‘Sleep-Waking’ and ‘Dream-Sleep.’


Some of the earliest possible evidence of hypnosis comes from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, dating to 1550 B.C. Another Egyptian papyrus (Pap. A. Nr. 65) from around the 3rd century C.E. depicts the laying of hands on the patient as they drift off to a ‘sleep-like state.’

Why is hypnotherapy a valuable discipline?

The Scottish ophthalmologist, Dr James Braid, is referred to as the father of contemporary hypnotherapy. Braid first coined the term neuro-hypnotism, which changed to hypnotism in 1841. Braid was the first to suggest that hypnotherapy was a purely psychological process.


Dr James Braid was possibly the first practitioner of psychosomatic medicine. For decades, hypnotherapy has been used to treat social tensions, sexual dysfunction, detrimental habits, negative beliefs, fears, unwanted behaviours, and many other adverse tendencies.


For people who aspire to support others in becoming better versions of themselves, Hypnotherapy (alongside modern applied psychology) training is a profoundly fulfilling experience. Learners discover the fundamental principles, methodologies, and practices of hypnotherapy required to develop a sound understanding of the human psyche and cultivate longstanding personal growth through the process.

How does hypnotherapy and hypnosis Work?

The most powerful feature of the hypnotic state is how it unites the conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious mind can be compared to a computer’s filing system, like a hard drive, where people store their every experience, memory, emotion, and thought.


When in a relaxed state of hypnosis – under the guidance of a hypnotherapy practitioner – a ‘Google search’ can be carried out on the subconscious mind, extracting any repressed memories or limiting self-beliefs that usually serve as the root of today’s most common cultural, mental health challenges.


Every toxic behaviour, personality outburst, irregular response, or obsessive-compulsive habit has a string of experiences that laid the foundation for our current-day damaging choices. Through the ‘memory chip’ that has been embedded in the subconscious mind, we can track back through the decisions we made in our younger years that often reinforce the unhelpful behaviour patterns that no longer serve us.


A memory of some form underpins every unhelpful habit or behaviour. Memories are first formed when we are young, so if we can remember back to the decisions we made that laid the foundations for our unhelpful limiting beliefs, we can resultingly bring the end to harmful or detrimental patterns of habitual behaviour.

How will I benefit from learning hypnotherapy?

Among the most esteemed in the world, Kain Ramsay’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner course will instruct you how to masterfully guide individuals using a time-proven process to gain clarity of direction and achieve specific goals or desired outcomes they may have.


This thought-provoking training course will also equip you with the crucial skills and insights needed to launch your career as a hypnotherapist or compliment your existing vocational skillset.


You will develop life-changing skills and gain paradigm-shifting insights that will enable your future clients to define and achieve their primary agendas in life.


In Kain’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner course, you’ll discover how to:


  • Guide people into profound states of openness and clarity.
  • Understand the mind and how to influence people positively.
  • Remodel undesired beliefs and habits in yourself and others.
  • Structure and plan a series of Hypnotherapy coaching sessions.
  • Use Hypnotic inductions and deepeners to facilitate change.
  • Master your thought processes and regulate your emotional state.
  • Win people’s trust so they’ll be entirely candid and honest with you.
  • Grow adept at reading peoples verbal/non-verbal communications.
  • Use metaphoric storytelling to win the hearts and minds of clients.
  • And much, much more.


It’s necessary to note that hypnotherapy is not a regulated profession. Anyone who has developed the essential skills and fundamental personal qualities can work as a Hypnotherapist with clients.

Where can I learn more about Hypnotherapy?

Kain’s comprehensive Hypnotherapy Practitioner course can be found in the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. The academy is hosted by Achology, an online training platform that provides more than just education.


Those who study Hypnotherapy at this level will learn how to employ the tools and techniques used by the international network of Achology Hypnotherapists. These tools can be used to empower yourself and others to reach and exceed predefined sets of personal or professional goals.


In Achology, not only will you receive Kain’s best-selling online training, but you’ll get to connect and train with a community of like-minded people. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice the principles you’re learning with real-world application. Best of all, after you’ve completed your course, you’re eligible to become Achology certified and receive an Achology practitioner certificate.


Choosing to enrol in Kain’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner course will be a life-changing choice, not just for you, but for the people you serve. There are people out there, right now, who are waiting for your positive influence in their life.


Every journey begins with an intentional choice to take the first step. If you’re ready to take that step, we’re ready to walk you through it—every step of the way.


It helped me become a more effective coach by learning what hypnotherapy is and how I can adapt and how I can implement those principles into my practise. I can say that Kain's course on hypnotherapy is unlike any other hypnotherapy course.