Stages of SMART Entrepreneurship

Purpose Driven

“Slow and steady wins the race.” Have you ever been told that? If you need to scale your business, however, the idea of moving slowly might seem unappealing. By moving strategically through the business growth and development process, you will naturally increase your chances of making wiser decisions that will scale your impact and save you valuable time.

Entrepreneurs who are blind to the consequences of their actions might be prone to prioritise financial profits over remaining true to their business’s purpose and inadvertently put their business at risk. There are many stages to entrepreneurship. Wise entrepreneurs start with their ultimate business mission and work through the stages until reaching the desired end goal.

What Will You Learn?

  • Develop your self-awareness and entrepreneurial effectiveness.
  • Identify innovative opportunities for business or financial growth.
  • A time-proven framework for evaluative entrepreneurial planning.
  • A practical methodology for effective business communications.
  • How to set appropriate, relevant and inspirational business goals.
  • How to cultivate a growth-orientated and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • How to scale your productivity with restricted financial resources.
  • How to leverage your resources to increase your business outputs.

Entrepreneurs, by nature, have a mentality that encourages them to go all in. While each entrepreneur’s tale is unique, one thing binds them all: a desire to drive their own ship and make improvements to the world they live in. While having an entrepreneurial mindset is a great starting point, having critical business wisdom is what will sustain your entrepreneurial effort.

Risk and uncertainty are inherent in the entrepreneurial process. This thought-provoking training event will not offer you typical a cliched ‘7 steps’ for magically scaling up your business; however, it will highlight all of the essential components that must be in place in order for any entrepreneurial venture to efficiently increase its outputs in a financially sustainable way.

The Experience

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Key Ideas Taught

Each day, there are countless options regarding what you invest your time or attention into. Spending your time on one thing comes at the cost of something else. Every opportunity comes with a cost, and wise entrepreneurs know how to quantify this cost and budget for it.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two very different things. Innovation pivots around creatively solving problems with appropriate solutions. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, revolves around putting innovation to practical use by making it scalable and profitable.

Some naive business owners cut corners with inexperienced staff members or budget freelancers who they hope will ‘learn on the job’. This doesn’t work. The key is partnering up with expert superstars, who in turn, will attract superstar customers who will remain part of your business for many years to come.

Always prioritise your purpose before making profits. Entrepreneurial mission statement becomes the DNA for every future decision you make. Wise entrepreneurs eliminate non-essential distractions that undermine the mission. Defining strategic objectives is easy when you know where your greatest level of social contribution can be made.

Busy-minded people are usually foolish people, and busy entrepreneurs are ineffective by default. The greatest investment of time or money that an entrepreneur can make is into things, people, processes or automation that will enable him (or her) with more time and space for creating new solutions or pioneering further innovations.

“Sensible business owners are problem solvers. Effective entrepreneurship must involve finding innovative and financially viable solutions to existing social, economical, process driven, environmental and technical problems. A business that serves no greater purpose than making profit is a highly uninspiring business!”

Kain Ramsay The Stages of Smart Entrepreneurship

“Taking time to create and quantify a socially responsible, congruent and empowering personal mission statement is unquestionably one of the most crucial investments that a leader can make into the longevity of his or her professional reputation and credibility.”

Kain Ramsay Visionary Goal Setting for Leaders

“Some people place more value than they should on non-essential items like faster cars and larger houses. Some leaders waist their time focussing on irrelevent things like the ‘likes’ they get on social media posts. As a result, essential activities like investing time into their family, personal growth, or reputation management can end up neglected.”

Kain Ramsay Visionary Goal Setting for Leaders


10:30 - 16:30


Academy of Modern Applied Psychology / Achology Business Club


£145.00 + VAT