Mental Toughness & Inner Resilience

Master Thyself

Mental toughness and inner resilience are the character traits that influence how effectively you deliver within your career, responsibilities and relationships. Self-knowledge enables self-discipline, and self-discipline involves exercising the patience required to only focus your resources on objectives that congruently align with your priorities.

Mentally strong people lead purpose-oriented lives. You can’t be mentally tough unless you are self-knowledgeable. This training will help you achieve this. You will grow more powerful as you learn about yourself. You will discover that taking full ownership of building impeccably robust standards into your life will optimise the core of your inner resilience.

What Will You Learn?

  • A common-sense framework for cultivating principled self-discipline.
  • How to counteract against sabotaging or unhelpful thought patterns.
  • A time-proven methodology for solving common everyday problems.
  • How to tap into your intuition as a basis for sensible decision-making.
  • The process by which your mind processes information & experience.
  • How to make congruent decisions that fully align with your priorities.
  • How to ensure that your identity is accurately quantified & measured.
  • How to quantify your personality in an ‘uncapped’ and powerful way.

With more self-discipline, your attitude, aptitude, and general well-being will all naturally improve. Developing mental toughness and deep inner resilience will prepare you to tackle confrontations and challenges head-on, whether you’re starting a new company, developing a new skill set, raising children, engaging in sports, or leading a global organization.

You can use the ideas presented throughout this training to better understand yourself, scale up your organization, or help people in your community. As you take control of your mind, the other areas of your life will become equipped for greater efficiency. This event is for mature adult learners who want to better understand themselves and cultivate deep inner strength.

The Experience

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Key Ideas Taught

Developing mental toughness involves identifying the attitudes, perspectives and ideologies that undermine your best efforts – then taking hard action to mature them with healthier thinking habits. Mental toughness doesn’t involve eradicating weaknesses but learning to live with them.

Knowing about information that exists is intelligence; knowing yourself is wisdom. Mastering other people can be done with manipulation, fear-mongering and the right incentives, but mastering yourself requires a depth of self-knowledge and reflects genuine inner power.

All authentic people possess a unique set of strengths, talents, insights, passions, frustrations, and priorities, alongside a defining set of underlying values central to their lives. You will be more fulfilled, focussed and effective as you prioritise living in alignment with your values

People can only be overcome by the challenges or obstacles they haven’t yet taken responsibility for overcoming. Personal responsibility precedes personal empowerment. The pace at which you grow will directly relate to how ready you are to take full responsibility for yourself.

All things are difficult before they become easy. When you meet challenges in life, you can react in two different ways. You can lose hope and engage in destructive behaviour, or you can embrace the challenge and commit everything that you are to bring about a suitable resolution.

“Every experience you have presents you a choice. You can become disempowered and feel sorry for yourself, or treat the experience as something to learn from. Every life experience presents you with an opportunity to grow, or a reason to self-obsess. You get the final say in the matter.”

Kain Ramsay Mental Toughness and Inner Resilience

“Taking time to create and quantify a socially responsible, congruent and empowering personal mission statement is unquestionably one of the most crucial investments that a leader can make into the longevity of his or her professional reputation and credibility.”

Kain Ramsay Visionary Goal Setting for Leaders


10:00 - 17:00


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£165.00 + VAT