Innovative and Integral Leadership

Integrity First

An authentic leader has the boldness to stand alone, the courage to make difficult choices, the humility to listen to those wiser than him, and the insight to respond appropriately. He does not set out to lead or inspire people but ends up doing so by default as a consequence of the consistency of his action taking and the integrity of his leadership motivations.

The greatest standard that all good leadership can model is integrity. Integrity is critical for every sustainable accomplishment, whether in business, sports, the military, or even in political leadership. Integrity without knowledge is empty, and knowledge without integrity is utterly dangerous. This training event will present you with a sustainable model for integral leadership.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to reset, recharge, and regain objective perspective quickly.
  • Principles for improved executive function and maintaining focus.
  • Develop a calmer, collaborative and non-judgmental temperament.
  • How to lead more effectively in the face of complicated challenges.
  • Spark a cultural ripple effect that overflows into your organization.
  • How to remain focused, initiative-driven and integral when leading.
  • A basis for present, non-judgemental, and creative problem-solving.
  • How to lead by example instead of with heavy-handed assertiveness.

Leading people is about bridging the gap between where they currently are and where they need to be. At this time in history, wise, compassionate and integral leadership is required throughout the world more than ever before. Trustworthy leaders are strong, reflective, wise, consistent and sincere. This training lays a foundation for these core qualities.

Each year, over $46 billion dollars are spent on leadership training and continuous professional development, yet in the 2020s, there is an evident leadership crisis in the world. You will learn how integrity-based leadership turns conventional teachings upside down and rethink what it means to be a genuine leader who can make wise decisions under extreme pressure.

The Experience

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Key Ideas Taught

If you don’t have integrity overflowing out of your leadership, you have nothing that people will trust, respect or admire. You can’t buy integrity. You can have all of the money or influence in the world, but if you are not a morally excellent leader, you have nothing of any substance.

Achieving a meaningful sense of direction in life is not something that happens to you; it is something you must choose. In other words, at some point, you’ll have to stop ‘trying to lead people’ and actually ‘lead people’. Fear is among the main reasons why many leaders compromise their integrity.

All authentic leaders possess a unique set of strengths, talents, insights, passions, frustrations, and priorities, alongside a defining set of underlying values central to their lives. Your leadership will become more fulfilling, focussed and efficient when you lead according to your values.

The secret of wise leadership is saying no to most people and things, not saying yes. It is easy to say “yes” to tasks or requests that would benefit you more than saying “no”. Leadership is the art of equipping other people to do things you need to do because they want to do it – not because they need to.

You can’t lead with integrity if you don’t first focus your thoughts and establish your values. The integrity of your leadership will shrink or expand in proportion to your willingness to stand true to your convictions, be consistently authentic, and become uncompromisable in your strategic or missional intent.

“An effective leader is the one who will quietly work away in the background while those who are following him will hardly even notice his presence. You can determine how trustworthy a leader is by how strongly individuals will believe in and remain loyal to him.”

Kain Ramsay Visionary Goal Setting for Leaders

“Taking time to create and quantify a socially responsible, congruent and empowering personal mission statement is unquestionably one of the most crucial investments that a leader can make into the longevity of his or her professional reputation and credibility.”

Kain Ramsay Visionary Goal Setting for Leaders

“Having absolute clarity in life is essential for making wise and well-informed decisions. Knowing exactly what you want will give you the boldness and self-assuredness to say “no” to everything else and all other secondary things that you genuinely don’t want.”

Kain Ramsay The Psychology of Personal Clarity


10:00 - 15:00


Academy of Modern Applied Psychology /


£275.00 + VAT