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Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
Teach a man how to teach others to fish, and end world hunger.
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The World’s Most Popular Modern Applied Psychology Courses

Kain Ramsay’s Achology Certified courses are online best-sellers, with over 500,000 people enrolled worldwide. Access all of these courses and more with a subscription to Achology – The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology.


Achology is the leading online centre of excellence for education and practice in all relevant applications of modern applied psychology

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A Unique Peer To Peer Learning Model

Whether you are an experienced leader aspiring to enhance your professional services, a parent seeking to better connect with your children, or a teacher aiming to support your pupils better, Kain Ramsay and Achology training programs will serve every stage of your continuing improvement and individual growth.


Training with Achology presents you with a unique learning ecosystem that centres upon principled practice that transcends conventional acquisition of knowledge. With Achology, expect an attentive and supportive experience with continued value through various programs, practice sessions and peer-to-peer practice events.


This unique online learning environment people from all socio-economic and geographical backgrounds the chance to develop skills and understanding of modern applied psychology, supported by an expert faculty, utilising the latest technology that the industry has to offer.

Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

In our unique, peer-learning environment, you can partake in live practice events, view pre-recorded tutorials, earn CPD credits, qualify for specialist insurance and advance your professional progression.


Once you feel ready, you can also apply to host training events and further equip yourself for practising in a public or private context.


You get to decide your pace for learning, with as much or little accountability support as you want. Essentially, training with Achology presents you with a great opportunity to learn on your merit and drive your own personal and professional progression.

Expert-led Instruction

Kain Ramsay’s unique range of online education courses is unparalleled in wisdom, understanding and knowledge. His straightforward instruction style centres on principle-based competency and innovative real-world application.


Kain surmises that people don’t advance to their full potential in classrooms by retaining information alone. We learn the most from experts who have vast experience in practising what they teach.


With over 500,000 students studying his range of training resources, Kain is an internationally esteemed training instructor who bestows profound experience in a highly pragmatic way that brings the online classroom to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I study modern applied psychology?

The conventional meaning of Psychology as a field of study is ‘the study of mind, experiences and human behaviour’. Psychology builds upon an unshakable foundation of ancient scriptural wisdom and philosophy.


The primary schools of psychological thought explore the human experience from various complementary perspectives. Where traditionally, some academics have debated the significance and accuracy of some psychological perspectives, modern applied psychology attempts to propose how all psychological theory, despite how seasoned, can allow for a better understanding of human behaviour.


Human beings are intelligent, yet too often, this aptitude isn’t examined or reviewed thoroughly via conventional education methods. Human beings all have a unique past and the capacity to perceive and make decisions. Where psychiatry endeavours to diagnose the human condition, modern applied psychology seeks to understand and influence it.

What is Achology?

Achology is the academy for modern applied psychology, an online peer to peer learning platform that serves to provide applied psychology training, supervision, and peer-support for learners who are devoted to becoming competent in the practice of applied psychology principles and methodologies.


Applied psychology pivots around the practice of psychological processes and principles to resolve the everyday problems that accompany all aspects of human behaviour and experience.

Achology builds upon the assumption that today, experiential learning is more critical than increasing in intellectual knowledge alone and offers admittance to an online training atmosphere that prioritises competency-focused training instead of anecdotal knowledge programs.


Achology, the academy of modern applied psychology is a paid membership website that endeavours to make investigating applied psychology more available to an international audience by reducing the high price barrier that has historically restricted many from acquiring a deep-rooted and balanced understanding of the human experience.

What is the Achology curriculum?

The Achology curriculum is a series of modern applied psychology related training courses, structured and instructed in a certain way that enables learners to choose and direct a journey for their own education and personal growth.

All of the included training courses are based upon a foundation course, diploma in modern applied psychology (DMAP), which details all of today’s most relevant ideologies and psychological perspectives.


From here, applied psychology is broken down into its contemporary applications, including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), life coaching, skilled helping (with Gerard Egan, author of the skilled helper), person-centred hypnotherapy and wisdom-based mindfulness.


The Achology curriculum is presented by Kain Ramsay and other guest instructors, who propose a holistic and balanced framework for learning that enables anyone, from any socio-economic or geographical background to become educated in modern applied psychology and devise a plan about how to independently practice or express it.