The World’s Most Popular Modern Applied Psychology Courses

Kain Ramsay’s Achology Certified courses are online best-sellers, with over 500,000 people enrolled worldwide. Access all of these courses and more with a subscription to Achology – The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology.

NLP Courses

Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses

Kain Ramsay

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most advanced helping modalities for enabling personal change both in individuals, groups, education, training, life coaching and therapy. Learn to become a fully competent Achology, certified NLP Practitioner.

CBT Courses

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Courses

Kain Ramsay

These Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) courses will enable you to gain a balanced insight into the theories and principles that underpin CBT, both scientifically and practically. This balance will ensure you can apply the principles of CBT accurately and effectively.

Life Coaching Courses

Courses on Life Coaching

Kain Ramsay

Through Life Coaching, you will naturally identify areas of own life you need to work. In these Achology certified courses, you’ll gain the necessary skills and understanding to influence others in a life-transforming way whilst also learning to become the life coach you always needed.

Mindfulness Course

Course on Mindfulness

Kain Ramsay

In this enlightening training, you’ll gain deep insights into the principles that underpin the practice of mindfulness. You’ll learn mindfulness’ history, its philosophical foundations and how you can use mindfulness to master all aspects of your day-to-day experience.

Counselling Course

Course on Counselling

Kain Ramsay

Counselling skills are possibly the most effective people skills you can learn in life. Learn to become an Achology qualified counsellor and master the techniques of one of today’s most fast-growing and respected professions.

Hypnotherapy Course

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

Kain Ramsay

You’ve probably seen stage hypnotherapy on TV. Well, this hypnotherapy course won’t make you the next Darren Brown, but it will make you an effective practitioner. You will discover how hypnotherapy, when used congruently, can transform people’s lives entirely.

Skilled Helping Course

Course on Skilled Helping

Kain Ramsay

Gerard Egan and Kain Ramsay present a simple helping framework that can be used to influence and enable positive change in others. Learn the principles that inspire people to take greater responsibility for their learning and personal-growth.

A Unique Peer to Peer Learning Model

Whether you are an experienced helper aspiring to enhance your professional services, or a manager striving to support your team better, Achology training programs will serve every stage of your continuing improvement and personal growth.

Training with Achology presents you with a unique learning ecosystem that centres upon principled practice that surpasses conventional acquisition of knowledge. With Achology, expect an attentive and supportive experience with continued value through various programs, practice sessions and peer-to-peer practice events.

In our unique, peer-learning environment, you can partake in live practice events, view pre-recorded tutorials, earn CPD credits, qualify for specialist insurance and advance your professional progression.

Once you feel ready, you can also apply to host training events and further equip yourself for practising in a public or private context.

You get to decide your pace for learning, with as much or little accountability support as you want. Essentially, training with Achology presents you with a great opportunity to learn on your merit and drive your own personal and professional progression.

Expert-Led Instruction

Kain Ramsay’s unique range of online education courses is unparalleled in depth, knowledge and understanding. His direct instruction style centres on principle-based competency and innovative real-world application.

Kain surmises that people don’t advance to their full potential in classrooms by retaining information. We learn the most from authorities who have distinguished experience in practising what they teach.

With over 500,000 students studying his range of training resources, Kain is an internationally esteemed training instructor who bestows profound experience in a way that brings the online classroom to life.

I have finished Life Coach Certification course and NLP course by Kain and I have learned so much, change my self and become more self aware, so thank you Kain!

You are most generous person I ever met, you simplify the process and made information available for us! Also you made learning process so simple and fun! Thank you Kain.

- Dunja Golobocanin

Most of Kain's courses are so intensive and experiential. This course was an absolute eye opener. I am sure this is going to be the foundation on which I'll be building my Greatest life vision.

Thank you so much Kain for your selfless attitude in helping people. I look forward to completing most of your courses.

- Suvashree dash

Great comprehensive course, all the tools, frameworks and exercises for helping clients progress and move forward is available in this course, from core identity to limiting beliefs to identifying core values and priorities and setting goals based on those priorities and much much more.....

Highly recommended for new coaches and experienced life coaches to gain new insight, and understanding which is experienced based and not just academia.

Thank you Kain Ramsay for all your sincere and authentic efforts, you and your team have put together for creating this wonderful course.

- Alan Periera

Be warned! This is a life coach and a life coach training course unlike anything you will have seen before.

Kain pulls the rug from under the gurus who focus on motivation and the organisations that focus on academic style teaching.

If you have the best interests of your potential clients at heart and want to take action right away then you are in the right place.

- Johnathon Frost