Slide CONNECTION IS A POWERFUL ALLY Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
Teach a man how to teach others to fish, and end world hunger.
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Join a Worldwide Network

Real relationships build bridges by linking communities together and strengthening the very foundations of society.


Tap into a wealth of wisdom by connecting with Kain’s International Network of bridge builders and community leaders – people like you who are devoted to the process of leaving their mark on the world.

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Become an Achologist

Achology is the first worldwide education network of its kind. Members everywhere are connecting each and every day through training events, workshops, webinars, group discussions, and peer-to-peer triads.


If connection to influencers is what you’re looking for, Achology is where they’re at.


Find your people and build your community as an Achologist.

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Attend a Live Training Event

Kain hosts regular live, in person training events for influencers devoted to the journey of individual growth and professional development.


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Check Out Kain Ramsay TV

Kain Ramsay TV is pioneering the way for positive social change throughout all world societies.


Connect with Kain as he imparts essential life wisdom, common sense teachings, and a healthy worldview.


Through Kain’s unique teaching style, gain fundamental growth principles that you can apply in your everyday life, business, and relationships.



One-on-One Mentoring

Mentor: “A Wise, Experienced, and Trusted Teacher”


Few of us have all the answers. We can benefit greatly from an unbiased viewpoint that allows us to better discern our blind-spots.


Mentoring with Kain is a collaborative relationship. Not only will you benefit from Kain’s wealth of experience, but you’ll have his full attention to help you transform into the influencer you hope to become.

Filled to Capacity until 2021

Kain is currently operating at full capacity with his mentorship program and is no longer taking applications. But this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from his experience.


Looking forward to 2021, Kain will be launching a new mentorship worldwide network. In this incredible online community, you can connect with Kain and other mentors who are committed to a lifetime of professional development and personal growth.


Details are coming soon!


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