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Connect with Kain inside of Achology

Connect with Kain and team on live training events, workshops, webinars and community discussions hosted inside Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Enroll today for or exclusive member updates and announcements.

Live Training Events

Most years, Kain hosts live training events for those on the journey of personal growth and professional development. 

Kain Ramsay TV

Kain’s goal is to create content that is as helpful and relevant to you as possible. Please submit carefully considered (good) questions that will make Kain Ramsay TV even more useful for you and others.

One-to-one Mentoring

None of us have all the answers, and we can all benefit from impartial input that lets us recognise our blind-spots better. Mentoring is a strategic partnership in which an active sharing of experiences and knowledge takes place. Click below and learn how to apply for one-to-one mentoring with Kain.