Slide Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.
Teach a man how to teach others to fish, and end world hunger.
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Author, Influencer, Storyteller, Speaker

As an established author, Cinzia specializes in writing on the topics of mental health and personal development through the lens of applied philosophy.


Cinzia is known for her relatable and meaningful approach to philosophy, which she uses to fashion both her written and video content in the fields of self-improvement, productivity and motivation. 


Her Youtube channel, The Personal Philosophy Project, which has amassed over 2.9 million views, looks at how philosophy can positively influence mental health, personal and professional development, creativity and personal finance.

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Cinzia’s Journey

The Learning Years

Cinzia developed her interest in philosophy during her years at university. She studied her BA in English Literature and Classical Literature and Civilisation at the University of Birmingham, and her MSc in Literature and Modernity at the University of Edinburgh. 


During her studies, Cinzia severely struggled with anorexia nervosa, depression, anxiety and multiple suicide attempts. After having failed to secure the medical support she needed, she invested heavily in researching psychology and mental health in the pursuit of self-recovery.


Within three years of self-study, Cinzia successfully self-recovered mentally and physically without professional intervention. It was her research into psychology, and her personal application of the principles she discovered there, that provided this life-saving transformation. Because of this, Cinzia has made it her life’s mission to help others realise their potential to radically change their lives through their own personal development. 


After years of working as a bookseller, Cinzia made the courageous decision to step away from the selling-end of the book industry and pursue a career as a writer in the self-development industry. She now successfully owns her own writing business. 

Education Rebellion

After working with Kain as a writer for his courses, and also writing for Achology, Cinzia approached Kain and pitched the idea of working on a book together. With years of in-depth knowledge from studying Kain’s story and mission, Cinzia aspired to write a book that delivered the same principles of accessible education, mental wellbeing and personal empowerment as Kain. 


As a professional storyteller, Cinzia brought Kain’s philosophy and story to life through their first publication, The Responsibility Rebellion. She continues to use her storytelling skills to help inspire others through writing books, video essays and articles. 

Thinking Forward

With an underlying belief that education should be accessible to everyone, Cinzia continues to write and encourage others to educate themselves about who they are, what’s happening in the world and what they can do to make a change. Philosophy will always be the cornerstone to her psychological understanding of the world and how the world’s people behave. With this passion as her foundation, Cinzia is driven and dedicated to use her knowledge as a means to help others, particularly creatives, unlock their potential. 

Recognize Your Potential

Many of us crave more fulfilment and satisfaction in life, but we don’t always know the best approaches for getting it. We often grasp at the superficial to amplify our lives externally, to over-compensate for the voids and insecurities that we feel internally.


In Responsibility Rebellion, author Kain Ramsay illustrates that evading responsibility only postpones the inevitable – that nothing about our life will change until we change

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