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Change is Inevitable. Embrace it.

Whether you like change or not, something had to change for you to be here today. You had to stop crawling and start walking; you had to stop living at your parents’ house and get a job on your own, and millions of years of cell division and mutation had to occur for you and everything you love in this world to exist at all.

Change is an inevitable part of existence; every cell, organism and bacteria had to undergo immense change to make you and your world what it is today. Yet despite change being part of our genetic makeup, many people are reluctant to accept change. They fear it, avoid it and either secretly or openly oppose it.


Why Do Some People Hate Change?


People hate adjusting themselves to a new reality and the chaos and insecurity which accompany change. They don’t want to pack up all their belongings to move house, go through all the tedious faff of submitting a job application, go through the torture of quitting smoking or have that awkward conversation with their partner about breaking up.

Change requires effort, thought and emotional and mental work; all the things our brain is genetically hardwired to avoid at all costs to preserve energy. The trouble is, change is as inevitable as cold weather during the Scottish summer – no matter how much your brain tries to convince you otherwise, you can’t avoid it.

Change isn’t always easy, but nothing in life which incites growth ever is. You can’t develop professionally or personally if you refuse to leave your comfort zone or challenge how you behave, think or act.


Stop Waiting For Someone Else to Make a Change.


Wanting the world or your circumstances to be different isn’t enough to initiate change. Also, waiting around for someone else to make changes (either to the world or themselves) demonstrates lazy shirking of responsibility.

Stop employing sentiments such as “I wish there were more people like this in the world” and instead start being that person in the world. Stop waiting for other people to take a stand, act on a matter or change society for the better. Stop sitting around waiting for other people to clean up messes and social problems, and stop complaining when they don’t do them.

Change only ever occurs when the desire for change outweighs the desire to stay the same. Your lack of motivation, drive, productivity, success, love, friendship, money or happiness isn’t going to change without you driving 100% of the effort. No one is going to come along and wave a magic wand for you, take the pain away or cure your mental health.


Take Responsibility for Change.


Change requires hard work, and there isn’t an easy answer. The good news, however, is that the process of change is easy to start and maintain once you accept responsibility for the role you play in it.

You have the power to change, provided you take full responsibility for yourself and your outcomes. Not all change is controllable, but every single one of your reactions to change is. You can control your emotional state and thoughts far more than you give yourself credit. Your outcomes in life will always be determined by how you manage yourself within them. So, stop shirking change. Stop passing the buck onto other people.

The world needs more people who take responsibility for themselves: it’s time to make a change and start being one.

Kain Ramsay
[email protected]

As an established teacher of personal and professional growth principles, and a champion of mental well-being, Kain Ramsay is regarded as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders of modern applied psychology.