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Meekness is one of those mysterious an uncommonly discussed virtues that we hardly even ponder or reflect upon in the context of our daily lives.

Meekness can often be confused with a lack of back-bone, boldness or confidence, as is if the beholder of meekness in character would be a pushover, a walkover or be easily manipulated.

But here’s the reality: true meekness exerts incredible power. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is strength. It has softened hearts and toppled empires for millennia all over the world and numerous times over. Meekness is a power that can’t be countered.

Meekness is when you are in a position of strength and power, yet you choose not to use that power against your opponent, your critic, your accuser or your persecutor.

In todays free Life Balance Coaching video I’m going to try and explain how this applied, demonstrated, and what it achieves.

Meekness is gentleness and mildness, and a subdued character, but it is not weakness. It is power under control.” A meek person can be very powerful and very much in control. A meek person is capable of anger, but just at the right things TO BE angry at and also at the right times!

Meekness is a sign of Self Control, and Self-control is the ability to control one’s emotions, behaviours and desires in the context of challenging or troublesome circumstances.

Self-control isn’t a skill we possess or something that can be taught in the classroom but a characteristic of maturity and a demonstration of a persons willingness to take complete responsibility for life, actions and behaviours.

Self-control and meekness can also yield a significant boost in our confidence levels and self-esteem.

Being prepared to apologise when necessary, or, growing from a mistake you’ve made exemplify self-control and, more often than not, pride.

As you develop in your journey of self discovery and truth, as you become clearer on who it is that you truly are, allowing your yes to mean yes and your no to mean no are the boundaries that other people will grow to appreciate and value in you (even when at first they don’t appreciate them).


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