Mentoring for Ex-Military Personnel

    ‘The most effective way of learning in life is by teaching what we know to others.’


    Solid Grounds aim is to compensate for the lack of effective support for the 1000’s of Military service leavers to be affected by government redundancies until 2020. One Solid Grounds objective is to provide mentoring for Ex-Military Personnel.

    I experienced this transition myself back in 2004 after serving in Op Telic (Gulf War II). For the 4 years that followed, I faced my own set of challenges that included addiction to drink, drugs, unemployment, homelessness, PTSD and also failed suicide on 3 attempts.

    Whilst many guys do fine outside the Military, those who struggle are often unsure about where to go for practical peer support (on or offline). Although support is openly available for those leaving the forces (CTP), it’s often not until years later that many ex-Forces personnel understand the value in this, which can leave many at a loss.

    Transition Coaching for Former Military Personnel:

    • Personal Focus & Motivation

      Support in finding vision & focus in your new life outside of the Military

    • Developing Inner Talents

      Encouraging and drawing out your existing talents

    • Building Confidence & Self Esteem

      Create a new identity for yourself outside of the Forces

    • Relationships & Communication Coaching

      Develop your communication skills & strengthen relationships.

    • Get a Warrior Mindset

      Develop the mindset for succeeding in your new civilian life

    • Teach what you learn to others

      The only condition of this high impact mentoring relationship

    Although the Forces charitable community can sometimes provide great assistance to Military leavers, the extent of the problems that many ex-Service personnel can face will never be fully appreciated by someone who hasn’t experienced the transition firsthand.

    As the forces mentality is ‘servicemen look after their own,’ Each year I personally commit to mentoring 3 ex-Forces guys (or girls) who live in or around the Dunfermline/ Fife area.

    Pre-requisites for coaching are that you’re open to considering some new idea’s, receptive enough to apply them, and appreciative enough to pass them on or share what I teach you with someone else.

    If this is you, please make contact as soon as you’re willing to get started.

    Ex-Forces Personnel

    Life & Career transition Coaching for former Military guys (or girls) in Fife.

    ‘It only takes a day to leave the military, but can often take a lifetime for the military to leave the individual.’