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Excellent Reviews!

As you’ll find, throughout my range of online courses & coaching packages, I give 100% to ensure that you don’t end your experience of me in the same way as you were when you started. Here’s what some Kain Ramsay Course Reviews:

Warrior Mindset: A Mind Blowing Course!

This might be one of the most enlightening and game changing Self Improvement courses that I’ve ever taken (and yes, I’ve done many). Kain Ramsay has a unique way of explaining life changing idea’s in a highly practical & very engaging way.

Don’t put it off, just take this course today!

Peter R SalkesKrav Maga Coach & TrainerWarrior Mindset: The Ultimate Personal Breakthrough Formula

Loaded with thought provoking ideas!

Loaded with thought provoking idea’s on how to lead more effectively, this is one leadership course that will not just affect your leadership, but your whole approach to life! Kain talks right from the heart, it’s hard hitting and authentic!

A perfect resource for all those who aspire to lead by example.

Dr Asif ShelammaInvestor & Business CoachUltimate Influence: The Way of Superior Leadership

Excellent Assertiveness Building Course!

I love this course! Valuable life principles that are explained in a way that’s easy to understand. Kain has an excellent way of communicating life changing idea’s while demonstrating them at exactly the same time.

I couldn’t recommend this course enough!

Fiona HarrowgateHypnotist & NLP PractitionerMan Up: A Complete Guide to Personal Assertiveness

Ultimate Relationship Coaching!

I’m stunned by the depth of the course! Kain goes deep into components of relationships such as managing expectations, unconditional acceptance and my favourite, giving 100% to our relationships, rather than the popular 50/50 equation.

This is an excellent guide to even better relationships!

Syed ShuttariBusiness Analyst, HusbandThe Complete Guide to Building Fail Proof Relationships

Life Changing Self-Improvement!

Unshakable Confidence is phenomenal. Kain Ramsay is well worth the following! I need a few days just to digest the sheer volume of information and concepts that he packs into this course. This is life changing material & an excellent investment.

An excellent course which I thoroughly recommend!

Llana GleesonEntrepreneur & Interior DesignerUnshakable Confidence: The Ultimate Self Esteem Formula

Fascinating, Gripping & Life Changing!

Warrior Mindset is possibly the most fascinating and life-changing courses i’ve taken to date. There are so many powerful lessons to take away which, I’ll have to watch it again as there’s most likely LOADS that I missed the first time round.

Kain Ramsay, I can’t thank you enough! CB x

Clare BoydSelf Employed Graphic designerWarrior Mindset: The Ultimate Personal Breakthrough Formula

An enjoyable & easy to follow course!

Kain’s great at taking this topic of social skills and breaking it down into bite size chunks in a way that makes great sense. He’s fun, laid back and linear in his teaching. I love this course and it should be getting taught in schools!

Full of wisdom, humour, insights & A-haa moments!

Julie A DonnsPrimary School Teacher (English)Master Your Emotions & Revolutionise Your Social Skills

Paradigm shift, after paradigm shift, after paradigm shift!

Eye-opening, mid melting, thought-provoking, and genius! Clarity, is like a rulebook for life that no-one gives you when you’re young, which you should have got, except no-one knew it existed!

Great course, brilliant instructor, life changing!

Chris E HuntParamedic, NHSClarity: A Complete Blueprint For Getting Unstuck In Life