Grab a cuppa & pull up a pew…


Greetings, friend. I’m Kain. I’m married to Karen, was born in Dundee, today live in Dunfermline, Scotland, the birthplace of King Robert De Bruce & Andrew Carnegie.

A bit about me.. I joined the British Army in 1996, and left in 2005 to began my transition back into civilian life. This adjustment was difficult, and in the years that followed, I fell to alcoholism, drug use and even homelessness.

Without the Military support I was used to, life had its challenges. With uncertainty around where my life was heading, I got lost in a destructive lifestyle which impacted my health, my career options, my finances and even the relationships I had at that time.

Four years of frustration and lack of direction culminated in a series of suicide attempts, through which, I gained life changing insights into the destructive patterns of human behaviour, habits, attitudes and beliefs.

Moving beyond this season of life compelled me to evaluate my future, and take the path that I’m taking today, teaching as many people as possible how to overcome the common pitfalls of life that I’ve already experienced firsthand.

Teaching others how to move forward in life, makes my life make sense. The approach that I take to teaching personal growth builds upon truth, foundational life principles, a load of self-study, practical experience, and ‘time spent’ at the school of hard knocks.

In the past, I’ve been referred to as a mentor, teacher & coach. But regardless, my goals remain the same, to serve those who want to help others. I do my best to live a life of example.

So far, my journey has led me to work with many great people, from top athletes to soldiers, CEO’s, musicians and students. We all have a unique story to share, and role to play in the world. My aim is to help people discover and fulfil this role.

My time served in the Military (and business world) led me to found Solid Grounds , a local Charity that offers transitional support to ex-forces guys (and girls) who’ve are working their way back into a new civilian life. A cause that’s close to my heart.

Other than this, the rest of the story is yet to be told!