• Are you ready to Breakthrough your personal limits?
  • Are you READY to ditch the Fear in your life?
  • Are you a self starter, wanting more Clarity for your future?
  • Do you need High-Impact Accountability for more sustainable results?

High Impact Life Coaching & NLP | Dunfermline Life Coach


My unique approach to performance improvement builds upon high-impact self-improvement principles, truth and today’s most relevant personal development models from the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, Theology, NLP and Modern Philosophy.

With a record of helping people to overcome their challenges, I draw from a range of disciplines that allows those I work with to make a greater degree of personal progress, overcome their blocks to productivity and live a more exemplar life.

Today, having worked with people from all walks of life: from business executives to builders, soldiers to politicians, and musicians to beauticians. I coach people towards achieving more of the results they want in their relationships, their career, in achieving greater work-life balance and in gaining clarity of vision for a more fulfilling future.

By us working together you will learn how to:

  • Understand why your mind works the way that it does.
  • Become permanently confident in the truth of who you are.
  • Effectively manage your emotions and thoughts.
  • Develop strategies to make significant progress in your most important life areas.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in the Military and Corporate Worlds, I deliver high-impact results strategies for those who strive to become the best in their class.

Throughout my unique range of self-improvement courses and results driven coaching packages, there’s not one lesson I teach which I don’t already apply in my very own life. The stories, principles, and concepts I teach are based upon real life results and practical life wisdom.

William Wallace, the ancient King of Scotland once said that: “Every man dies, but not every man learn’s how to live!”

Whilst many people are committed to building larger businesses, biceps and bank balances, I am passionately committed to building ‘bigger thinking’ people.

Learn how to break through your greatest life challenges with this high impact self improvement course


The Imitation Game (Imitate or Envy?)

0 comments Mind Shift: A motivational Ass Kick for results driven people

IT IS ALWAYS WISER TO IMITATE A SUCCESSFUL MAN THAN TO ENVY HIM. Out of all the negative emotions we can experience in life, envy is possibly the most insidious. Envy is especially sinister because it destroys you from the inside by replacing all that is positive, creative and productive with destructive feelings of frustration,… Read more >>>

Unleashing The Power Of ‘WHY’

0 comments Unleashing the power of why with Scotland based NLP results coach, Kain Ramsay

THERE’S A NATURALLY OCCURRING PATTERN, A WAY OF THINKING AND A WAY OF LIVING THAT ALLOWS SOME PEOPLE TO ACHIEVE PHENOMENAL THINGS WITH THEIR LIVES. Some people in the world grow to become hugely influential leaders. Effective leaders are simply those who hold a position of influence as a direct result of the results they… Read more >>>

How to Boost your Self Esteem Forever!

1 comment Learn how to Permanently Increase Your Confidence and Self Esteem with this top selling personal development course by Scotland Results Coach, Kain Ramsay. Available on Udemy today.

CONFIDENT PEOPLE ARE ADMIRED BY OTHERS, AND OFTEN INSPIRE CONFIDENCE IN OTHERS. THEY FACE THIER FEARS WITH EASE AND FIND IT EASY TO TAKE GREATER RISKS. Confident people, live bigger, bolder and more rewarding lives. Despite the obstacles that come their way, confident people overcome them and view their lives more positively, even when things… Read more >>>

Building Ultimate Relationships that Last

0 comments How To Build Ultimate Relationships That Last

“THE QUALITY OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS WILL DETERMINE THE AMOUNT OF HAPPINESS AND FULFILMENT WE EXPERIENCE THROUGHOUT LIFE.” Strong and healthy relationships are one of the best supports we can have in life. Good relationships improve all aspects of your life as they strengthen your health, your mind, and your ability to connect well with others. However, when relationships… Read more >>>