• Are you a Results driven Professional?
  • ARE you struggling with a Mental or Emotional Dilemma?
  • DO you need greater Clarity & Direction for your future?
  • Are you Bored of your current ‘Status-Quo’?
  • Have you hit a ‘Glass Ceiling’ & are ready to Move up a Level?

Is there a Big Change in your Lifestyle that you’re needing to make Today?

CrazyOnes1 274x300 HOMEHow would it feel to have someone to coach you effectively through the practical changes that stand to Completely Transform your quality of life?

This completely unique approach to Therapy & Coaching is based upon today’s most powerful NLP & Personal Development models with a track record of helping those with a desire for change to permanently overcome challenges & maximise their self-esteem.

Tackling life’s problems alone can be difficult, but with me in a focused coaching relationship, you’ll receive high impact guidance you need to gain Vision for your future, to get Clarity in who you are, to Define your life’s goals and Structure a plan for overcoming the challenges you’ll face on route to fulfilling them.

Through us working together you’ll learn to:

  • Understand why your mind works the way that it does.
  • Become permanently confident in who you are.
  • Effectively manage your emotions and thoughts.
  • Develop strategies for making progress in your most important life areas.
  • Permanently *BUST* any negative emotion in under 4 hours.

I’m Passionate about finding practical solutions for the your life’s greatest challenges and can teach you how to develop the Self Confidence you need with a greater sense of clarity and direction for your future. Personal Coaching is ideal for high-achievers who expect a lot from themselves and others – it is dramatically more impacting from the more conventional approaches to coaching, mentoring and behaviour-change.

Through gaining insights and understanding from the concepts you’ll learn throughout our time together, you’ll gain Absolute Clarity by discovering you Already Have everything you need for living an inspiring & fulfilling life, with the connections, experiences and results that matter the most to you!

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Scotland’s Only CPD Accredited NLP Life Coach for formally accrediting CPD certified hours towards an annual professional quota.


Monday ‘BLOODY’ Monday!

0 comments The only cure for the Monday morning blues ... Life Vision!

Monday ‘BLOODY’ Monday! Monday blues are like a dose of crabs … either you have them or you don’t – and if you do, they were easily avoidable in the first place!  On this particular day each week, you’ll either find yourself waking up on a Monday morning despising the ground you walk upon and feeling… Read more >>>

The problems with a VICTIM MENTALITY:

0 comments CBT, Counselling, Life Coaching and NLP for overcoming Low Confidence and Low Self Esteem with Top Scotland NLP Coach, Kain Ramsay in Dunfermline, Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothian's

A victim mentality is one where it is always someone else’s or something else’s faults for the bad or undesired things that happen to you in life. Going beyond this, a victim mindset will grow to expect that things will go wrong, because bad things have happened in the past. A victim will generally blame other… Read more >>>

7 Steps for a Confidence Boost

0 comments An Identity Crisis & Low Confidence go hand in hand

Its tough to enjoy life when you’re not that confident in who you are! People who haven’t learned to accept and get along with themselves tend to have more difficulty accepting and getting along with others. I personally spent years having a hard time getting along with people, until I eventually grew to realize how the… Read more >>>

‘SELFIE’ ADDICTION: The Destructive Need to ‘Selfie’

2 comments NLP coach and life coaching in Dunfermline, edinburgh & Scotland for selfie addiction

Glossy magazines, newspapers, and television advertisements bombard people with images of the ideal body. The advertisers’ logic is simple: Present a certain image as the norm, and people will part with their hard-earned money to achieve that look. Add in a little peer pressure with perhaps a few thoughtless remarks from family or friends, and… Read more >>>